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Posted by bulletproofsponge 01 June 2015

So we were recently approached by a company wanting to promote their slot machine, which features Spider-Man as a way to lure in possible comic fan gamblers?

Anyway, this is not for kids, and while I personally don't gamble, I thought we could help these people promote their business since they bothered to make it Spider-Man relative.

While I'm not sure this really qualifies as a game review, I'm just gonna label it there anyway.

Ever heard of the Spider-Man Slot Machine? 

 Marvel’s friendly neighborhood, web-slinging hero has a slot machine game now! Spidey’s slot title comes with amazing graphics and soundtracks that fans will instantly recognize. It’s quite surprising to see casinos carry a lot of superhero titles now. Perhaps it’s their way of attracting the young adults into playing the games. After all, if casinos would still use the same design on their slot machine today, it wouldn’t probably appeal to the new generation who wants better graphics, sounds, and interaction in their games. While superhero-themed slots today look and feel much like an arcade, it doesn’t change the fact that the outcome of the games is still random. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at Marvelslots’ Spider-Man slot game. The slot's user interface is very easy to understand. On it, players can increase and decrease their bet, press the spin button, and click the info icon to see the payouts, winning line patterns, and bonus features of the game. Speaking of bonus features, this is where the game shines the most. The Spider-Man Slot Game has 5 bonus features namely Ultimate Fight, City Chase, Hot Zone Free Games, Rivaling Free Games, and Radioactive Free Games. Bonus features are unlocked when three Spider-Man icons appear on the first, third, and fifth wheels.

 The Ultimate Fight Feature is pretty self explanatory. Spider-Man and Green Goblin will both slug it out and each time Spidey lands a hit on the enemy, a cash prize will be awarded to the player. If Spider-Man wins at the end of the battle, more cash will be awarded to the player. The City Chase features Spider-Man chasing down Green Goblin across the city. While on the chase, Spider-Man will collect hidden items that reveal cash prizes. Hot Zone Free Games will grant 20 free games to players. Spider-Man will randomly throw webs onto the reels in order to create wild icons for huge payouts.  Rivaling Free Games is a feature where players can win really big. The game starts by awarding players 10 free spins. However, when Spider-Man’s icon appears, the free games counter stops, giving players more free spins as well as an increased multiplier on each win. When Green Goblin's icon appears, the multiplier will be reset and the free games counter will resume spinning.  Lastly, the Radioactive Free Games will grant 15 free games to players.

 During the free spins, spider icons will be randomly scattered across the reels and will appear as wild symbols for all icons. Overall, the Spider-Man Slot Machine is a simple yet enjoyable game that hardcore fans will appreciate. Perhaps the next step for casinos is to inject Spider-Man along with other superheroes not only to slots but to table games as well. Roulette games, for example, are still as plain as ever. They’re not as interesting to look at compared to superhero slot machines, and not as enticing to play if not for the live roulette option that features a hot dealer that players can interact with online. Young adults will probably appreciate online roulette or poker more if superhero designs will be integrated on them even as a cosmetic feature. 


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