Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 4

Posted by bulletproofsponge 24 September 2015

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows # 4

Daddy has to go away for a while

This issue focuses a little more on Annie and her perspective on the events that have been taking place. It begins with Annie thinking back on her life and how she was never allowed to use her powers, whether it be for a simple thing like getting a ball from under a car or help her classmate who was being bullied. She recalls how her mother always told her that if she used her powers, the bad men would come and take her away. Now, that moment has become reality.

Mary Jane and Annie find themselves quickly teleported into a secret base - the SHIELD base. As it turns out, they were extracted for safety. Spider-Man was supposed to come along with them but was instead left behind fighting the Sinister Six.

Back at the school, Spider-Man is busy beating the remaining Sinister Six to pulp trying to find out where his family was taken. Sandman eventually reveals himself telling Spidey that he is working with SHIELD and that they have to leave together if he wants to see them. Spider-Man, thinking it is a trick refuses to do as Flint instructs.

 Before Flint can convince his former enemy, Regent arrives at the scene, paralyzing both Spider-Man and Sandman.

Over at SHIELD's hideout, MJ learns that they were teleported so quickly with the help of the SPOT, Spider-Man's old enemy who was attacked by Regent. The result was that the Spot now loses a part of himself every time he teleports. MJ also learns that the new head of SHIELD in the eye-patch is actually Hawkeye who lost his eye in battle against Regent!

There are several familiar face at SHIELD including, Prowler, Mocking Bird, Jarvis and Ben Urich. MJ mentions the inhibitor chips that Peter rigged to keep them safe all the years in mid conversation. Upon hearing thing, Hawkeye insists to see the chips, realizing that it could hold the secret to defeating Regent.

Spider-Man later awakens, still in captive, at Regent's base. There he observes D-Man, the B-class
hero whom he allowed to be attacked a few issues earlier. D-Man was being dissected and experimented on to help the researchers allow Regent to maintain 100% of the powers he absorbs.

Regent then uses his telepathic abilities to creep into Sandman's mind to try to determine the location of SHIELD's hideout. At the hideout, Spot gets to work on trying to replicate the inhibitor chips. Hawkeye plans to use the chip on Regent to inhibit his powers, giving them a chance to stop him. The only thing they need is a sample of his DNA. Unfortunately, soon after they begin devising the plan, the Sinister Six start raiding the hideout.

While in captivity, Regent explains to Spider-Man that he is actually a good man and that the reason he is trying to obtain God Like powers is so he can fight god- namely DOOM! Somehow, Regent was aware of the real situation and that Dr Doom really rules the world. To Peter however, this all obviously sounds like rubbish.

With Regent focusing so much on absorbing Spider-Man's powers, Sandman was able to harness one of Spot's black holes which was in him, creating a black hole at SHIELD's base for them to attack Regent at his own base.

Over at SHIELD, the good guys, with the help of Annie and her powers, were able to stop the Sinister Six. The team, including MJ and Annie then go through the Black Hole towards Regent's stronghold.


Here we can see that the story is finally coming to a predictable close. Once again, as with most five-part miniseries, the ending ends up being a little rushed thanks to some ridiculous amount of luck. In this case, that luck involves the fact that Peter's inhibitor chip held the key to defeat Regent all along.

It was pretty good to see Annie suited up and in action finally. In my opinion though, it was a little ridiculous that she was able to take out so many members of the Sinister Six with such ease, especially since she has absolutely no experience in any form of crime fighting.

I did like that they tied this mini series in briefly to what was actually happening in Secret Wars by mentioning Doom. Over all, still a decent book.



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