Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 8

Posted by bulletproofsponge 17 November 2014

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 8

This issue is divided into two stories. The first, being a continuation of the team up between Spider-Man and the new Ms Marvel from Amazing Spider-Man # 7, and the second, being the tie in to Spider-Verse.

Story 1: Adventures in Babysitting

This story continues from the last one, in which Dr Minerva is transporting an Inhuman Cocoon for unknown purposes.

Spider-Man and Ms Marvel do the classic Slingshot Maneuver that Spidey usually does with with Carol, much to the new Ms Marvel's delight.

Meanwhile, the thugs in the Hazmat Suits watch from afar, and one of them expresses his discontentment for doing a "Spider-Man" job.

After knocking Dr Minerva over, the two heroes come for the van where the hazmat guys are guarding the cocoon. One of the bad guys quickly adjust his weapon to make it a sonic blaster to defend himself. However, he soon realizes he has no need for it as Spider-Man only wants the cocoon.

The good guys grab the cocoon and make a run for it. While on the run however, the cocoon hatches, revealing a baby.

Spider-Man instructs Ms Marvel to take care of the baby while he handles Dr Minerva. Ms Marvel however is soon stopped by the bad guy helpers in the suits. Fortunately for her however, one of the bad guys turns on his fellow henchmen and blasts them with a sonic blaster gun. ( He is obviously the guy who upgraded his gun earlier)

He states that he is not a monster and did not sign up for a job like this. ( Not exactly, but that's what he meant)

Meanwhile, Cindy, after hearing her boss's comments on Silk's bad costume design, decides she needs to change her suit.

Back to Spider-Man, he is not doing so well with Dr Minerva, not until Ms Marvel shows up with her new henchman friend who explains how all the henchmen are human, not Kree. This brings Spider-Man to the conclusion that Dr Minerva's actions are not sanctioned by the Kree. As such, he makes a call to the Kree to report Dr Minerva, resulting in her running away.

A short scene switches over to the Diamond District, where Silk has stopped her first crime in her new costume, gaining some new publicity.

Finally, we see the baby is sent over to the hospital, Ms Marvel gets a pep talk from Spider-Man, and the bad henchman who became good turned out to be none other than Clayton Cole, whom Spider-Man recognized immediately and offered him a job over at Parker Industries.

Read more about Clayton Cole's history with Spider-Man in Learning to Crawl

Story 2:
Edge of Spider-Verse: My Brother's keeper

This story begins in earth 982 aka MC2 universe, where Spider-Girl ( Mayday ) lives. Daemos, Morlun's brother, is making an attack on this world, seeking the lives of Mayday, her brother, and Peter Parker of that world.

In case anyone here is unfamiliar, MC2 is a future universe where Peter married MJ, lost a leg, and had two kids - Mayday aka Spider-girl and Benjamin ( still a baby).

Peter fights to save his daughter's life, while MJ gives little Benjamin to Mayday, telling her that he is now her responsibility and that she must escape and keep him safe.

As Mayday runs out of the house she can hear her mother screaming. Mayday is met by the Jacket version of Spider-Man from Spider-UK's team who comes to save them from Daemos. Unfortunately, by then, Peter is already killed. Mayday swears to kill Daemos, going against every principle her father ever taught her to do so.


Starting from the top, the team up in the first story, though not the most interesting of story lines, made history as the first team up between Spider-Man and the new Ms Marvel. It also marked the reintroduction of Clayton Cole, whom, although we just found out about his back story not long ago, had history with Spider-Man from years ago.

Clayton's expertise with super sonic sound waves would certainly prove as a useful asset for Parker Industries. It was great that Spider-Man was able to recognize Clayton and help him get back on his feet, especially since the guy has been having a hard time finding a job due to his criminal record from when he was just a kid.

Silk's / Cindy's appearance in this first issue was absolutely unnecessary, and I have a feeling that it
may have just been added in there due to some fan's online complaining about her costume.

I am not digging the new Ms Marvel too much so I do not have to much to praise about her character and what he added to the story. Adding her to the Spider-Man book however was a great move to gain awareness among new readers about her character's existence and hopefully gain some new fans.

As for the second story, I must say that I am a little disappointed that Peter and MJ of the MC2 universe were killed. In the interviews post One More Day, I recall a comment being made abot how fan's of the Spider-Man marriage can look to the MC2 universe and consider that as the future that would have happened. I guess that just ended. Thankfully, their legacy still lives on... for now.

While Mayday has sworn to go against every principle her father has taught her, I do hope that she does not completely abandon her principles. Thankfully, she got picked up by Spider-UK's team and not Spider-Ock's team. Ock's influence, along with the other meaner Spider-Men would probably be a very bad influence and a fuel to the rage currently burning within her.

Nevertheless, one cannot say that it was unexpected to see Mayday join forces with the Spider guys as she is one of the more prominent alternate Spider people out there.

Now all we need is for Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield to join the cause!

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 5
Edge of Spider-Verse: Tie-in

This issue begins on Earth-98120, where the Spider-Man 2099 of that earth is part of the Avengers. Spidey tells his team members about how he has an uneasy feeling that he is being watched. Capt A assures him that he is not alone is whatever is coming for him.

Just then, Morlun comes in through a portal and kills Spider-Man after easily defeating his team members who tried to come to his aid.

At the time of that Spider-Man's death, our Spider-Man 2099 in the 616 universe gets a massive pain in his head while in pursuit of a helicopter. He eventually comes to be and finishes chasing the crooks but can't seem to figure out why he had the mysterious pain.

Back on world 98120, Morlun, after defeating the Avengers and killing Spider-Man 2099 of that world senses that he is being watched by Spider-Man 2099 from earth- 6375.

For a proper explanation about who this Spider-Man 2099 is, see this article here.

This version of Miguel ended up with Mary Jane after his many adventures with the Exiles. He has been observing Morlun and in the following panels we see him preparing to run to earth 616 using some old Exile equipment from his time with the Exiles, where he believes Morlun would not dare come due to him previously dying on that earth at the hands of Peter Parker of earth 616. 

Mary Jane decides that she wants to follow Miguel as well.

Back on earth 616, Miguel pitches the idea of building a super prison, much like Peter first intended, to Liz and Tiberius. Considering that Parker Industries recently failed accomplish the project, Liz agrees to the idea. Just then, both the Miguel’s, in their own earth’s get another splitting pain in the head. Another Miguel from earth – 96099, a reality created by Lyla (according to this article), is killed.

After the excruciating pain in his head, Miguel ( on earth 616) decides to go to the roof to get some air. There, he sees a portal opening with another version of himself with a Mary Jane coming through. Before his other self can make it through the portal however, he is killed from the back by Morlun. The Spider-Man 2099 from earth -6375 falls dead through the portal into our Miguel’s arms.

Miguel, now as Spider-Man 2099, challenges Morlun to face him. Morlun however, is afraid to enter through the portal and backs away. Miguel decides it’s time he finds Peter Parker and tells him what is going on.


This issue was brilliant, much better than the previous four, for obvious reasons. Firstly, it tie’s into Spider-Verse. If that itself is not good enough, we get to see a little of what had happened to the version of Spider-Man 2099 who joined the Exiles ended up with Mary Jane. While it was great to see that he was doing fine, it wasn’t the greatest to see him die so soon.

Obviously, Marvel is using this event to do away with previous characters that are no longer being written about, and to create new characters with new fresh stories to be told.

Having not followed the Exiles from before, it was a little confusing finding out who was who ( nothing to difficult however with the help of marvel wiki)

There is no sign of Mary Jane’s death, and it is also unlikely that Morlun would kill her as she is not a spider totem. Then again, Morlun did kill Miguel’s father of earth 96099.

I realize that reading this review must be quite confusing with the mention of each earth. The comic itself however is quite well written and friendly to new readers who know nothing about these alternate Spider-Men’s back stories. It is an easy read if you just accept these other Miguel’s as, just others. However, it does not carry the same depth and meaning as if you knew about these Spider guys from older comics. Seeing them die would obviously be a little saddening.

Also, so far, on every other earth we have beein reading about throughout this series, Mary Jane is always portrayed as the pre OMD version of herself in terms of character. Somehow, this personality did not stick in the 616 universe...

No further comment or complaint on the matter.

Regardless, it is an easy read for new readers and a great read for old readers.

Rating: 5/5


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