Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 3 - 4

Posted by bulletproofsponge 12 November 2014

Spider-Man 2099 # 3

This issue begins with Miguel in his usual office, wondering what will become of his position in the company now that Liz knows his secret, or at least half of it.

Just then, Liz comes into the office to establish their working relationship rules. While Miguel at first thinks that Liz has come to blackmail him, she has simply come to establish that Miguel will continue to do what he is told to do, which at this point is accompanying Tiberius to Trans-sabal to sell the Spider Slayers to the dictator there, despite Miguel not wanting to.  She does this in a semi seductive manner as illustrated in the comic, leaving the reader, and I suppose Miguel himself wondering what is up with this woman.

During the plane ride to Trans-sabal, Miguel does not fail to show his dissatisfaction with the deal.

When they land, they are attacked by the rebellion and Miguel is shot in the head. Fortunately, it is just a graze and he is not actually dead. Tiberius is taken hostage, leaving Miguel to save him.

Fortunately, Miguel had Tiberius tagged with a secret tracer long ago in the event of such a situation. Knowing fully well that if anything happens to Tiberius, he would simply cease to exist, Miguel makes it his top priority to find Tiberius and ensure his safety.

Meanwhile at the rebellion camp, Tiberius is awoken by the rebel leader, a woman by the name of Mussaret. Mussaret shares her point of view on the war and urges Tiberius to give them the slayers, thus ending the war in their favour. She tells him that her children have no dreams and are unable to dream of a future due to the oppression against them.            

In the midst of their discussion, Scorpion appears in a new improved suit. He was Tiberius’ hired gun, in case things go wrong. Mussaret tries to shoot Scorpion, but to no avail. Scorpion proceeds to kill his first victim, but is stopped by Spider-Man 2099.

Scorpion does not realize that this is not the same Spider-Man he is familiar with and questions his new costume. Too lazy to explain, Miguel plays along battling it out with the enemy who by now couldn’t care for the answers and can only see a chance for revenge. Outside the building is an army of Spider Slayers waiting for a spider to slay.

Spider-Man 2099 # 4     
This issue begins exactly where Spider-Man 2099 # 3 left off, at a battle against Scorpion. The battle indoors continue until Spidey 2099 is thrown outside to face an army of spider slayers.

All this while, Tiberius has been knocked out due to some rubble falling on his head. As such, and fortunately for Miguel, Tiberius is unaware of Spider-Man’s presence. Outside, Spider-Man is losing the fight badly against the new and improved Scorpion. Though surrounded by Spider Slayers, none of them attack Spidey as ordered to do so by Scorpion.

Scorpion’s new suit allows him to shoot lasers, as do the Spider Slayers, who are preventing Spider-Man from running away from the battle. Desperate for an escape, Spider-Man 2099 somersaults across some Slayers into a back alley and instructs Lyla (his hologram) to change his clothes. In his normal clothes, the Slayers are unable to detect Spider-Man, and neither did Scorpion, who did not see the change in costume.

 Frustrated, Scorpion decides to start grabbing civilians threatening to kill them if Spider-Man does not come out of hiding.

Meanwhile, inside the building, Mussaret tries to get Tiberius up on his feet. Unfortunately for her, she gets caught in some falling rubble and has a nail protruding out from a plank sink into her head. 

Running out of time, Miguel comes up with a plan to get the Spider Slayers on his side. He throws and sticks Lyla on Scorpion’s back and instructs her to holographically  change his appearance to that of the Amazing Spider-Man.

At this, the Spider Slayers turn against Scorpion, sending him on the run. Fortunately for Scorpion, before he is shredded to pieces, Tiberius comes out of the rubble and says the magic words that deactivates his Spider Slayers.

Jalfaha Dahn, the dictator and buyer for the Spider Slayers later comes to pick them Miguel and Tiberius. They enjoy a feast at his palace, just like the one Mussaret described to Tiberius while he was in captivity.

After the meal, Tiberius decides not to sell the Slayers, especially after witnessing life on the other side. He leaves with Miguel and threatens Jalfaha to leave the place. Failure to do so will result in his Spider Slayers becoming active and hunting him down.

Epilogue: Back in the limo heading to the airport, Mac Gargan, terribly beat up from the Spider Slayers looks to Miguel and questions if they have met before.

This would be Spider-Man 2099’s second encounter with the Spider Slayers in this short time frame that he has been in the year 2014.

This story about the Spider Slayers being sold to a dictator has been building up since the first issue. Though not the greatest story ever, the change in Tiberius’ attitude was something of note for this series. Though still a money minded selfish character, the events of this issue and the last have slightly changed him.

The fight scenes between Spider-Man 2099 and Scorpion were enjoyable. No doubt Scorpion has upgraded his suit multiple times now, this would finally appear to be a suit spider-worthy. Spider-Man 2099’s move with the hologram was quite brilliant, although now that he has used this trick once, I should hope he would be smart enough to use a similar trick again if under future similar circumstances.

As for Liz Allan knowing Miguel's secret, or at least half of it,  Miguel is doomed for blackmail sooner or later, especially if Liz eventually finds out that he is a Spider-Man. From the last time we saw Liz Allan, she was suspected to be a crook, working with Norman Osborn, the grandfather of her son, who by the way is also very peculiar. 

Liz seems a little bipolar at times, possible effects of a goblin serum she may have, or the standard behavior of women. 

Overall however, these last two issues were just fillers for the aftermath of the spider slayers that was not a necessary read.

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 2

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Spider-Man 2099 # 2
Women and Secrets
This second issue begins with Spider-Man 2099, slightly annoyed that everywhere he goes, he has to stop some form of crime as Spider-Man. For instance, in the bank robbery he is currently stopping, all he actually wanted to do was deposit some money.

 As Miguel, Spidey drops by Tempests’ place, which is presumably below his,
with some flowers. He claims it is to thank her for cleaning up the blood the other day. Though rejected at first, Tempest eventually opens the door to him and they have some small talk about their past a little. Miguel eventually drops the bomb and asks her how sick she is, having realized that the only reason for a girl like her to hate life so much is that she must be quite sick.

At this, Tempest gets angry feeling that her privacy in invaded and throws a glass at Miguel, telling him to get out. Miguel catches the glass full of water and places it back on the table before he leaves.

As Miguel gets back to his apartment, he is greeted by Liz Allan who wants to have a chat.  Miguel invites her into his home, that currently only has a chair. He invites Liz to sit on his only chair. ( This had me laughing)

Liz explains that she did a background check on him. There are only 2 Michael O’Mara’s, who who plays in a band called Sleepway and the other who owns a bookstore in UK. She also found out that his social security number belongs to a Michael O’Mara who died in 1968. She eventually comes out clean and tells him that she suspects him to be Spider-Man.

While at first envisioning himself throwing her out the window, Miguel eventually confesses a half truth to her, telling her that he is actually from Alchemax of the future, year 2099, tells her his real name and that he came to the past to save his grandfather Tiberius. He denies being Spider-Man however.

Having changed into some ridiculous futuristic clothing, Liz’s first question is about how he changed so quickly. Miguel explains the hologram to her which she accepts. Miguel asks her to keep his secret between them to which she responds by kissing him.

 Just then, Tempest comes into Miguel’s apartment. She asks about Liz and questions why his boss left lipstick on his lips. Tempest then opens up to Miguel and tells him that she is suffering from leukemia, tells him that she has a few months left to live at most and then leaves.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Liz was the mother of evil little Normie, and is somewhat of a bad guy herself, as portrayed in some previous issues, I’d say Miguel was having a pretty good day. After revealing half the truth to Liz, she was not mad, neither did she threaten to fire him, instead she kissed him! It truly does not get better than that (provided your boss is as hot as Liz Allan is in this issue)

As for Tempest, she remains to be a small side story of some interest to Miguel. As opposed to the previous action packed issue, this second issue had almost no Spider-Man scenes, except for the beginning where he was stopping a small robbery.

Obviously the only thing that actually mattered in this issue was the scene between Liz and Miguel, posing questions to whether their relationship will develop further. If it does, could this be the ‘activity’ that the time cop from Spider-Man 2099 # 1 was talking about?

While Spider-Man 2099 himself may not be much of a joker, I find that the writing style in this comic has far more humour than the Amazing books. The chair being the only furniture in the apartment, Liz’s expression at the sight of it, and the fact that a whole page was dedicated to Miguel imagining himself throwing Liz out the window and telling her about it was brilliant!

Great writing. 

Spider-Man 2099 v2 # 1

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Spider-Man 2099 # 1
Firstly, apologies for this extremely overdue review. Our reviewer for this series has been away/ busy and has not been able to handle any of the reviews he was supposed to do. As such, I am doing some catching up so we can have Spider-Man 2099’s spider-verse review up asap!

The story
After being stranded in the year 2014 as the result of some time travelling problems during Superior Spider-Man, Miguel O’Hara has been trying to find a way back to his own time – 2099, under the guise of Michael O’Mara, while making appearances as his own version of Spider-Man when necessary.

This issue begins when a futuristic robotic time cop of some sort appears on the road, resulting in a lorry accident. An onlooker checks to see if the time cop is okay, but is killed by the time cop, as he has been analysed to never marry or have any children, thus rendering him useless to the future’s wellbeing. The time cop then takes off with the dead man’s vehicle. (A little overkill for a car if you ask me)

Meanwhile, Miguel is looking for an apartment to stay at. He notices some blood on the floor, but his
real estate agent tries to cover up saying it is some “mercurochrome”. A cleaner is then called up to clean the “mercurochrome.”

As it turns out, the cleaner is actually the girl whom Spider-Man 2099 saved the other day, who did not want to be saved- Tempest. See Amazing Spider-Man # 1. Just like she was the other day, Tempest had a gloomy, “I hate life” vibe to her. Miguel tries to make some small talk but fails.

Miguel swings to work as Spider-Man 2099 wondering about the girl. Over at Alchemax, the time cop enters the building searching for Spider-Man 2099. He asks the security guards the answer to Spider-Man’s location and kills one of them, after analysing that he does not have any major contribution of the future. The other security guard is not threatened with death, but with serious injury, as he should not be killed due to one of his offspring curing cancer.

Afraid, the security guard sends the time cop up to the eighth floor where Miguel and Tiberius are having an argument about selling the remaining Spider Slayers to a country under dictatorship. Upon hearing that their unexpected visitor is coming, Tiberius hides in a safe, leaving Miguel alone with the time cop.

We learn the cop is from the year 2211, a time where time travel is illegal. As such he is here to kill Miguel. Miguel drops the holographic suit and becomes Spider-Man 2099. He tries to escape from his pursuer and ends up in Liz Allan’s office. 

Liz automatically realizes that this is not the same Spider-Man she knows due to his voice sounding older and his lack of jokes. When the time cop finds them, he offers Spider-Man 2099 a deal. One of the reasons Miguel must be killed is due to some activity he does with Liz during his time in 2014. The time cop offers to kill Liz Allan instead of Spider-Man, thus solving the problem.

Spider-Man 2099 agrees, but causes the time cop’s gun to backfire just as he is about to shoot Liz, resulting in the time cop killing himself.

After the incident, Liz calls for a background check of everyone working in Alchemax, having suspicions that this new Spider-Man is one of her employees.

This first issue creates a perfect start to what is obviously going to be a great story in time to come. We have hints from the future about activity between Liz and Spider-Man 2099 that requires a time cop to kill either one of them.

We also have a side story with the cleaner girl , Tempest, who didn’t want to be saved. One issue into the series and Spider-Man 2099 is already making friends… sorta.

The issue’s cliff-hanger leaves the reader wondering two things mostly. :
  1.  Will Liz find out that Miguel is Spider-Man 2099?
  2. What is so important that Liz and Miguel do in this timeline that a time cop had to come?

There is also the issue of Tiberius wanting to sell the Spider Slayers to a dictator overseas, which will be visited in the following issues.

I also enjoyed a subtle humor the robotic time cop portrayed in the issue which made it more enjoyable, in addition to the awesome fight scenes..


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