Edge of Spider-Verse # 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 November 2014

Edge of Spider-Verse # 5

While, I was not entirely sure if Edge of Spider-Man # 4 took place in a Japan equivalent country, this Spider-Man has to be asian. Somehow Americans always equate asians with Robots. Strangely however, they all have English names in this world.

The first page shows someone who looks like an oriental Peter Parker dying. The second panel shows "Aunt May and Uncle Ben" introducing themselves to the kid of that oriental Peter.

The child's name is Peni, and her father's SP//dr suit can only be used by her due to her genetic compatibility.  There is also the need for an actual spider to accept the child in order use the suit, quite strange, yet original.

Five years later, Peni has grown a little and is part of Sp//der, busy fighting bad guys, most recently Mysterio. After defeating Mysterio, Peni gets a visit in school from someone that appears to be the Daredevil of that world.

He explains to her that Mysterio was part of a group of criminals who's intelligence and physicality was altered. Mysterio is willing to help the good guys out of his admiration for SP//dr. ( It's quite strange)

The two talk a little about Peni's father on the way to stop the bad guys at the location Mysterio tipped them with. "Daredevil" explains how that even through the armor it seemed that a part of her father was missing, but he was overall a cool guy.

After the fight, Peni decides she wants to take the subway home. There she is greeted by Spider-Ham and that old version of Parker from the future back in one of the older issues from JMS' time.

Though Peni find's them strange, her spider seems to trust them, and as such, she trust's them. The three of them proceed to collect Peni's SP//dr suit and then head off together.


Same old character, completely new concept. Spider-Man has become a little girl controlling a giant unstoppable robot. As it that is not crazy enough, there is a pet spider, known as the spider who chooses its partner, likes music, and helps control the robot?

This character and universe has immense potential for a good story. As a reader, I am already wondering what's up with the spider, how did Peter die, what was he missing in life that Daredevil could pick up from under the suit, and is this guy even Daredevil? Also, who was Peni's mother?

It is a great use of familiar characters who look nothing like their 616 counterparts. Sending Spider-Ham, a cartoon, to pick up the kid was also a pretty smart way to introduce him to the team.

Though I already know the answer due to this being a late review, when I read this my first thoughts were also wondering which team these three would belong to, hoping it would be to the Spider-UK group.

Personally, I am also glad they brought Spider-Man in a jacket into the picture, as I have always been waiting to see him again ever since he first appeared many years ago in Amazing Spider-Man # 500, mainly because of his cool jacket and the fact that he too ended up with Mary Jane. Then again, with there being so many realities, this could be a different Spider-Man than the one at the graveyard in that jacket back then.

Edge of Spider-Verse # 4

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Edge of Spider-Verse # 4
" I walked with a Spider"
This is a story about Patton Parnel. He looks quite similar to Peter Parker, but is in fact very different. The issue begins with him experimenting on ants. He is also a stalker who stalks Sarah Jane, the girl who lives next door.

Patton lives with his ill-tempered Uncle Ted. In the school bus, Patton his approached by Sarah, (who looks exactly like Mary Jane of the 616 universe). Sarah sits next to Patton and tells him that they have to protest to the people at Alcorp industries against animal testing. ( The school has organized an outing over at Alcorp. ) Patton is taken back by her friendliness as she has never spoken to him before.

Just as Patton warms up to Sarah, he is pushed aside by Gene, ( this world’s version of Flash). Inside
Alcorp Industries, Sarah approaches Patton again and urges him to follow her into the restricted area to help free the animals being tested on.  Patton frees a spider that bites him on his hand. Just then, the two are caught and taken to security. Sarah’s parents come to take her home, but Patton has no one to release him. Sarah informs the security that it was all her idea, and that Patton can follow her back since he lives just next to her.

Somehow, her pretty girl magic works and Patton returns home to be beaten by Uncle Ted. Sarah can hear Patton screaming from her home. Patton, after being bitten doesn’t feel too good. He starts to feel hungry and eats a live mouse. After eating, he feels stronger and decides to eat a cat he found. Patton soon has a collection of animals in his webbing, kept until such a time that he wishes to eat them, much like real spiders. He soon captures his uncle Ted and has him in webbings as well.

Over at school the next day, Patton is full of confidence. He is approached by Gene who challenges him to a fight during lunch. Patton gladly accepts. We also see him helping a guy who lost his dog out, and invites him over to his house. Later, Patton does some research on the spider that bit him and learns that species of spiders transfers its eggs via their bite.

A while later, Sarah Jane comes over to Patton’s house, asking if he has seen Gene. Patton mocks Gene, to which Sarah comments about how Patton suddenly has a burst of confidence that she quite admires. Patton kisses her and then bites her in her neck. Things obviously go out of hand and Sarah runs into his room after slapping him. She sees Uncle Ted, the boy who lost his dog, and a bunch of other animals webbed up to be eaten later. By now Patton has transformed into a disgusting spider with fangs, extra red eyes, and extra arms.

Sarah begs not to be harmed, to which Patton explains that he would not harm her. He further explains how he is a carrier. At this moment, Uncle Ted is screaming and pain and little spiders are coming out of his body. Just then, Morlun appears and kills Patton. Sarah Jane runs out of the house telling herself it is all a dream.

The following day, Sarah wakes up and looks in the mirror at her wound. As she looks in the mirror, spiders start coming out of her wound, much like how they did with Uncle Ted.

The idea behind the Edge of Spider-Verse is to introduce the readers to characters who will play a role in the Spider-Verse storyline coming.

This story however features a character who died at the end of the issue. As such, it is more than likely that Sarah Jane, the carrier of the little spiders is most likely the character to play a role in the series. With that being the case however, Uncle Ted is also a carrier of the spiders and it is possible that he too may have a role in the spiderverse event.

While Patton was quite a creepy character, even from the start, before he was bitten by the spider. His abusive Uncle Ted did not help with the situation either. The more likeable character here was Sarah Jane, who is obviously supposed to be Mary Jane of this world.

While Patton was adversely different from Peter, Sarah was pretty much similar to the adult Mary Jane in terms of character. Contrary to MJ of the 616 universe, Sarah has a loving family and is not a party girl (or might be, but we don’t know yet). She also goes to the same school as Peter which is quite different to MJ. Her character however is very much similar to that of MJ when she grows up, making her a very likeable character.

Regardless, whatever role Sarah or Uncle Ted have to play in the spiderverse, it would most like be very different from the role the others characters introduced in the Edge of Spider-Verse have to play.

Edge of Spider-Verse # 3

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Edge of Spider-Verse # 3
 Aaron Aikman: The Spider-Man
In the third book of Edge of Spider-Verse, we learn about yet another new character, who is also not a Peter Parker. This guy is called Aaron Aikman and in his world, he is known as The Spider-Man.

Aaron is more of a techy, who seems more like an Iron Man with spider powers.  He has silk spinners instead of webbing, a neuro-pulse stinger, catapult propulsion boots, and a helmet with a zillion features.

This Spider-Man probably lives somewhere in Japan based on his name, and the names of the people around him.  ( No facts here)

Spider-Man’s love interest is his boss, another genius scientist named Dr Kaori Ikegami. Dr Ikegami’s daughter was hit by a car and the couple have been trying to work on a cure for her ever since.  Recently however, Dr Ikegami has been pushing Aaron away and he now rarely sees her often.

Aaron has been working to stop a serial kidnapper – Namurah. In his last encounter, Spider-Man was beaten. He has since upgraded his silk, ready for round two. After detecting a pattern in the kidnappings, Aaron prepares to take out Namorah.

Strangely however, he is visited by Dr Ikegami on the night of his planned attack on Namurah. At first she is happy to see him and wants to run away together. It doesn’t take long however for some typical women misunderstanding to take place and Dr Ikegami soon runs out the door crying.

Confused, Aaron decides he cannot deal with this tonight and continues with his work as the Spider-Man. He searches for Namurah and finds her with ease. When he proceeds to attack her just as she is about to kidnap another victim, he realizes that it is not Namurah, but a previous victim of the kidnappings, dressed in Namurah’s costume, carrying out her dirty work who now goes by the name Daarroh. Daarroh tells the Spider-Man that there are others like him. He also tells him that he saw death coming for Spider-Man in the portal between worlds.

Daarroh’s host soon becomes lifeless and reverts to the kidnap victim. The Spider-Man, as Aaron, takes him to the hospital where the doctors explain that they found a bio engineered neural interface, similar to that which he and Dr Ikegami were once working on.

At once Aaron goes to visit Dr Ikegami. There he learns the truth about what his girlfriend was up to. She explains that after she left him, she became consumed with curing her daughter. She eventually succeeded to bring her daughter to life, but her daughter was not truly herself. When she woke, she complained that there was another there with her. This other, aka Namurah, soon took over her mind.

Thinking that it was her daughter, Dr Ikegami did whatever her ‘daughter’ asked. In doing so, he had helped this being possessing her daughter to carry out the kidnappings. Dr Ikegami had helped create more similar suits, much like Namurah’s to be worn by the kidnapped victims to become portals to Namurah’s kind.  They will soon destroy and rule the world at the rate they are growing.

Spider-Man rushes out to try to stop the herd of monsters walking around in the kidnap victim’s bodies, but is met by Morlun, ( or it might be one of his brothers, I am not too sure).

After reading this issue, the only thing I can think of is that this time travelling, alternate universe and portals are getting really confusing. There is a little too much going on with these portal bad guys from different dimension.

Here on this earth, we have one group of monsters coming to earth’s dimension through a machine that Aaron and Dr Ikegami once built, meant to help the paralyzed. The Spider-Man is the only one who might be able to stop them, however, he is about to get very busy with Morlun, mostly likely meaning that his earth is about to be destroyed for good. The story and build up, unlike the previous two issues is much more interesting and would actually be interesting to read as a stand alone which could be revisited in time to come. 

Needless to say, one of the groups of Spider-Men will certainly come to save Aaron just in the nick of time and he will be recruited to help the cause.  Aaron Aikman is of course a totally new character, having no relation to Peter Parker or any other character similar to the universe we know about. There is no variation of Aunt May, Uncle Ben, MJ, or Gwen which is a first, making this universe quite unique, with the exception of there still being a Spider-Man dressed in red. He somewhat resembles gundam toys, or one of those Japanese characters with huge feet, which makes sense I suppose seeing that everyone in this world seems to be Japanese of some sort. 

If there was a Spider-Man who might be able to match the intellect and logical, emotionless thinking of Spider-Ock, it might be Aaron Aikman. I would certainly be interested in seeing the development of this character, if he does not get killed too quickly.

Edge of Spider-Verse # 2

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Edge of Spider-Verse # 2
Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman
Due to the busyness of our reviewers, we’ve been falling behind on the Spider-Man comic reviews. So…, This is my attempt to catch up.

As we know, the Edge of Spider-Verse series has been focusing on spider men of other universes. In Issue one, the story was about Spider-Man Noir, whom most of us should be quite familiar with due to his appearance in the games and other media.

This issue focuses on a brand new character (as far as I know) – Spider-Woman aka Gwen Stacy. In this reality, Gwen was bitten by a Spider, and Peter died trying to become a hero like Gwen by experimenting on himself , becoming the Lizard.

Gwen also belongs to a rock bank of which MJ is the lead singer. Captain Stacy is still alive and is on a serious hunt for the vigilante, Spider-Woman.

We also see that Matt Murdock of this world works for the Kingpin, who wants Captain Stacy dead. He hires Aleksei, presumably whom we know as the Rhino, (though he does not look like the Rhino) to do the job.

Aleksei attacks Captain Stacy at Gwen’s concert. Gwen, being Spider-Woman and stuff, unfortunately was late to her own concert. She comes just in time however to see her father attacked by Aleksei. She abandons her band and changes into her alter ego.  Though having trouble fighting the giant man at first, she finds her footing as she beats Aleksei to the drumbeat of the music.. if there was a drumbeat ( she was supposed to play the drums but abandoned her band members)

Aleksei is obviously confused as to why Spider -Woman is preventing him from killing her biggest enemy. Upon finishing up with Aleksei, Captain Stacy comes up behind Gwen and tells her to freeze, threatening to shoot. At gunpoint, Gwen takes off her mask to reveal her identity to her dad. Captain Stacy allows her to leave before he comes to his senses.

From a distance we see Spider-UK , from Amazing Spider-Man # 7, observing his potential candidate to help with the fight against the Inheritors.

Obviously, Gwen was always a much loved character among the fans. She has been brought back to life several times after her death but has never truly been the same Gwen we read about. Once again, we have another version of Gwen, who is not the damsel who died, but is the actual hero instead.

A slight change of character, instead of the same old boring Peter Parker who became Spider-Man. Since this review is so late, we already know that this Gwen will be getting her own spinoff series, even after the Spider-Verse event.

At this point, there are two teams of Spider-Men being assembled, one led by Spider Ock, and the other by Spider-UK. While Ock has great team members like Spider-Man noir and Miles Morales, his team’s core members (not all of them) lean more towards the darker side, and are ready to kill if they must. Spider-UK however has a team of full on good guys, as we will see in time to come, and Gwen would be the first to join.

As for the costume, it was great to see a variant costume for a spider girl, instead of a similar version of Mayday’s costume that seems to be more popular among the spider girls.  Personally however I would probably not be too interested to follow such a series, as I am not a fan of alternate universes that have variations of the same characters and stories.


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