Superior Spider-Man # 33

Posted by bulletproofsponge 22 October 2014

Superior Spider-Man # 33 Review

Edge of Spider-Verse: Tie In

That's right! Superior Spider-Man is back again for a thirty-third issue, and I am late again for this review.

In the last few issues, prelude to edge of spider-verse and the Edge of Spider-Verse issues that are out, we know that Spider-Ock has been gathering spider guys from different dimensions.

This issue starts with the spider hunter chasing down a Spider-Man that looks and even jokes much like our Spider-Man. Spidey is pierced right through the chest, but is later revealed to be a cyborg Spider-Man with a Sonic Cannon in his back. The spider hunter is blasted away and is soon attacked by an army of spider-men, lead by the Superior Spider-Man. 

Once captured, the spiders decide what to do with him. Spider-Girl from earth 807128 aka Ashley Barton, and The Assasin Spider-Man ( featured in Superior Spider-Man # 32) want to kill him, while the other Spider-Men disagree.

Ock however has the final say and has decided to interrogate the hostage before killing him. He questions the hunter's motives and if there are others like him. Ock learns that there are more out there, a whole family of spider hunters. The Hunter then overloads Ock's weapon and attacks him. All the spiders rush to attack their predator, who insists that he cannot be stopped as his kind is born to kill them.

Things go downhill and a few Spider-Men are injured. The Spider-Men find only a short moment to escape when their hunter is visited by his siblings / competitors, who also want to kill the spiders.

They are all transported to 2099, where Ock instructs everyone to remain, until he thinks of a new plan. The cyborg spidey is given a new arm, after his was torn off in the fight earlier. He is ordered to check through this era's ( 2099's) database for any mention of "Karn, "Brix" or "Bora" ( the known names of their hunters ) Spider-Monkey and the Six armed Spidey are also asked to do the same via the timestream.

Spider-Girl and the Assasin Spider-Man are called aside, where Ock tells them that they may be required to take out their fellow brethren if they attempt to stand in their way of killing their killers.

Story 2:

This story follows Karn - the spider hunter. We learn in this issue that Karn and his family are inheritors. In the Earth 1771, Karn faces  Ai Apaec, instead of a Spider-Man. ( The Ai-Apaec of earth 616 was already killed a while back I believe)

Ai-Apaec taunts Karn that he cannot be killed. Karn thinks back when his family had once faced a similar being- the Master Weaver. In the battle, the Weaver prevented all from approaching him but Karn. The Weaver sensed that Karn was unwilling to kill and preferred to build instead.  Karn's failure to kill the creature during the hunt at the appointed time led to the death of his dear mother.

As the story goes, the Master Weaver was eventually subdued and his power harnessed by the family to travel the web of life and hunt other spiders. Karn was banished from the family and had his face hidden by a helmet. The symbol of the helmet was linked to the Weaver's Web, condemning him to continuously travel dimensions and kill spiders, in hope to regain a place among his family.

Coming back to real time, Karn, kills the Ai Apaec of that earth easily and tells his prey that he should count it a blessing to have his suffering ended, for his own suffering continues.


In this issue, we find out a little more information about the spider hunters, aka the inheritors. While we initially thought it was Morlun that Spider-Man had to be afraid of, we now know that it is in fact his whole family that is the threat.

While the Superior Spider-Man's extreme intellect was almost able to take down Karn, he misjudged and made a mistake almost costing his team member's lives. This was a huge blow to Ock's ego obviously, leaving him quite lost for a solution, now realizing that there's a whole family of hunters.

Honestly however, I wonder if Ock is actually even going to be a real target for these inheritors, especially since he is not really the spider totem of earth 616.

The introduction of the inheritors and the back story of Karn and why he wears his mask is quite interesting. The Master Weaver, did not attack Karn for a reason, knowing that he was actually a builder rather than a destroyer. I think that Karn may actually end up to be the weapon/ ally the spiders need when it boils down to it. As the Weaver mentioned, Karn was different from the others, and though he has now devoted his life to killing spiders in hope of being accepted back into his family, he cannot truly change who he is.

This is all just wild speculation though of course. The sibling rivalry will probably result in Karn realizing that nothing he ever does will get him the acknowledgement he desires from his family.


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