Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 6

Posted by bulletproofsponge 22 September 2014

Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 6 review

In the last issue, the Black Cat had successfully beaten Spider-Man on live television and was about to unmask him for the world to see. In this issue, she does exactly that, except Jameson, who was so excited to see Spider-Man shamed ended up blocking the cameras view, resulting in nobody being able to see Spider-Man's identity. (The Black Cat truly bring s bad luck for everyone but herself. )

Silk takes the opportunity to web Peter's head up in her own webbing so no one can see his secret identity. Obviously, Jameson expresses his extreme regret for his folly of blocking the cameras.

Silk and Spider-Man manage to escape, leaving the studio in a mess. Having seen Spider-Man with his new friend, Felicia decides that they are going to need more back up of their own if she and Electro want to take him down.

Felicia tries to get some other thugs to help her cause against Spider-Man but none of them want to work with her so long as Electro is involved, knowing how unstable his powers have become.

Back at Peter's apartment, while Peter gets some rest, Ana Maria tries to dissolve the webbing on his

face using Otto's remaining formula. She also warns Peter that Silk may end up killing him after they "mate" as normal spiders do. Ana also manages to convince Peter to appear at the demonstration of their work to the chief of police that night, to which Silk wants to come along for as well.

In the meantime, Black Cat and Electro continue to question Sajani regarding the work Peter is doing in the lab, his latest project of trying to cure Electro, and how he plans to do it. Sajani gives her captors all the information they want. After getting the information she needs, Cat cooks up a plan to hijack the presentation about to happen that night.

As Ana is driving Peter and Cindy to meet the chief of police, Cindy's spider sense goes off warning that Black Cat is nearby again. Peter promotes Ana on the spot and tells her to take his place and get the people out of the area while he changes to Spider-Man. Cindy, now dressed as Silk, also helps to web Spider-Man up with her insulation webs meant to handle electrical attacks from Electro.

Electro and Black Cat are both in the background, disguised. The Black Cat sent a tip to the press to get public footage once again for her planned humiliation of Spider-Man. She has also learnt all the information she needed from Sajani to work the device meant for Electro.

Seeing that the presentation has been canceled, Cat decides to jump in on the show and begins turning the machine on to amp Electro's powers instead of de-power him. Spider-Man and Silk come just in time to be zapped. Thanks to the insulated webbing however, that isn't a problem.

Spider-Man moves to take care of Black Cat, while Silk goes for Electro with her insulated webbing. Silk gets distracted however as the press helicopter gets zapped and she has to go save the people. The overload of power on Electro however ends up killing him, just as Black Cat had planned, (much like the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie). Spider-Man is left with the choice of either saving Electro of chasing the Black Cat. He chooses to save Electro.

With his insulated webbing to protect him, Spider-Man walks right up to Electro to get him out of the danger zone. Being designed to contain Electro however, it is impossible to get out of the area thanks to the electromagnetic pull of the machine. Silk once again comes to the rescue and webs together an insulated web-pod for them all to protect them against the explosion to come.

At the end of the day, everyone is safe, Electro is depowered and taken captive, and Cindy Moon, aka Silk gets an internship at the tv station where Jonah is working.

Elsewhere, the Black Cat, now having gotten rid of Electro has recruited the rest of the bad guys to help her with her fight against Spider-Man.

In the final scene, we see that Sajani is back. She tells Peter that she was set free after she gave all the information about the "Electro Machine" to the Black Cat. What she did not tell him however was that she willingly gave her the information as she didn't like the direction Peter was taking the company and wanted that machine destroyed anyway.


This was a decent issue. We see that the old Black Cat, ally of Spider-Man is truly gone, almost beyond the point of repair here, having tried to kill Electro, her team mate, in an effort to kill Spider-Man.

Silk, Ana Maria, and Peter are working out to be a pretty good team, working together to keep Peter's identity a secret, save the world, and run the company at the same time. Ana is probably right in thinking that Silk might just try to instinctively kill Spider-Man after they finally do "mate."

Probably the biggest reveal in this issue was Sajani, joining the bad guys and wanting to see Peter's ambitions destroyed. Even in the final panel, she is discussing what seems like plans to change Peter's plans.

Somehow, the nanotech that Doc Ock was initally working on seems to be her solution for all the problems.

I also liked the way Ana Maria has come to notice, yet appreciate the difference between Ock as Peter and the real Peter. Peter, being the oblivious happy go lucky, or sometime not so lucky, guy clearly has no idea about what is going on in the background of his company. Then again, obviously he wouldn't! He didn't even start the company!


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