Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge 15 August 2014

Amazing Spider-Man # 5 Review

Original Sin

This issue begins with the Black Cat and Electro, trashing the Eel's party. The Eel scoffs at the Black Cat at first after seeing that Spider-Man ( Ock) had humiliated her publicly. Felicia however is determined to prove herself. With Electro's help, Felicia takes out the Eel and his men. She has intention to prove to the Maggia and all the criminal empire that she is not to be messed with.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man and silk are getting hot and heavy up on the roof. Their spider carnal nature is taking over and they can't keep off one another. When silk tries to take Spider-Man's mask off however, he comes to his senses and stops her.

 Silk tells Spider-Man that she knows he is Peter, which gets Peter further frazzled. Them coming to their senses and stopping the heavy making out however, does not last long and they are later seen back at Peter's apartment making out on the ceiling, just as Ana Maria walks in.

Ana Maria has been looking for him as Parker Industries is scheduled for an interview at the news tv channel that Jameson is working at. Over at the TV station Jameson gets the news that Parker is bumping off his first air on tv and is not at all impressed.

Meanwhile, Sajani, who was last seen taken captive by Felicia and Electro, is being treated like a queen with Champagne and Caviar. Electro asks her what the company is planning and is shocked to hear that Parker Industries is trying to heal him.

Over at an abandoned warehouse, the Eel was supposed to meet Mr Negative and Hobgoblin ( Phil Urich) to discuss some bad guy things. The Eel soon drops in from the roof, clearly beaten, followed by the Black Cat. She comes in, stating that she will be taking the Eel's part in whatever was supposed to go on that night. While Mr Negative thinks her as a low level criminal, she assures him that she will do what all of them could not - smash and break the Spider-Man!

Peter, Ana Maria, and Cindy (Silk) all end up at the TV station. Cindy tags along as she is behaving slightly protective over Peter, even feeling somewhat threatened by Ana Maria ( its a spider thing).

Over at Aunt May's apartment, Jay switches on the TV to watch his son on the news, but is shocked to see Peter instead.

While Peter is being interviewed on air, Cindy signals to him from far that there is danger coming. Seconds later, Peter's spider sense comes starts to buzz. We soon see Electro and the Black Cat trashing the party with intent to kidnap Peter to draw out Spider-Man and humiliate him on live television.

What they didn't expect however was to be attacked by Silk, a  female faster version of Spider-Man. Peter takes the opportunity to change into Spider-Man and helps Silk. While on live, Spider-Man again tries to explain to the Black Cat that it was Dr Ock who humiliated her and not him. Jameson takes the opportinity to film everything as he too has a vendetta against Spider-Man thanks to Dr Ock.

Though Silk, with hyped up spider sense, seems to avoid every single electrical shot at her from Eletro, Spider-Man eventually gets hit. Felicia takes the opportunity to pin him down and intends to unmask him on live television, just like how the Superior Spider-Man did to her. Peter begs Felicia not to do this to him.

This was again a pretty good issue, but the final scene is not as dramatic as it seems since Silk is no where to be seen. It wouldn't take much for Silk to step in and save the day, or at the very least web up the camera before Spider-Man's mask comes off.

This story however dwells on the fact that Spider-Man and silk are more primal than we had ever known them to be. Spider-Man's origin has evolved a fair bit since the introduction of Ezekiel in the early 2000's. Since then, Spider-Man has never quite been a simple man who was bitten by a radioactive spider by accident.

In this story we see that with the introduction of a female of his kind he loses complete control ( yes, his human factor is no longer in control here). The same goes for Silk as she is behaving extremely protective in a animal like behavior, wanting to fight off any threat against her "mate."

As for the role that this regression character plays in the story is still very vague, but will be explained clearly soon enough I believe. Till the next issue.


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