Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 4

Posted by bulletproofsponge 30 July 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 4 review

Original Sin tie-in

This issue, being part of the Original Sin story line that is currently taking place in the Marvel Universe, focuses on the hidden, unknown past related to Spider-Man that even he did not know about. This is essentially we have all been teased about from the first issue of the relaunch - the long awaited meet between Spider-Man and Silk.

The issue begins in Parker industries, where the staff are all still working on a cure for Electro. Peter gets a call from the Avengers, to which he is delighted to attend, giving him a chance to explain that his brain was switched for the past few months with Doc Ock to everyone.

As soon as he leaves however, the Black Cat, kidnaps Sajani, wanting to find out how the newly developing tech works.

Spider-Man joins the Avengers who are busy fighting the bad guys who have stolen the 'Watcher's eye.' For those who do not know, the Watcher is an all seeing being in the Marvel Universe. Anyway, the bad guy, drops the Watcher's eye, which immediately releases all the secrets kept hidden from them.

For Spider-Man, the Watcher's eye revealed to him about Cindy's existence and how she was bitten by the same spider that bit him. As soon as he recovers, Spidey swings off to find the girl, whom in his vision he saw was captured and contained not too far away by Ezekiel.

Spider-Man finds the bunker and releases the girl, who is at first furious at him for doing so, stating that Morlun will come for them and destroy the world. She very soon warms up to Spider-Man however, once Spidey explains to her that he killed Morlun.

Far away however, we see Morlun, sitting on his quarters as if he has had nothing to do for years. Morlun, from far away, manages to catch a whiff of Cindy, and narrates to himself his intentions of causing destruction.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man has come to terms, realizing he is the lesser "spider being" of the two as she seems to be better at him at almost everything except spider strength. She creates a new costume for herself from webbing which she sprays out from her finger tips and calls herself Silk. 

Spider-Man follows her, concerned that she has no idea about how the world has changed since she was locked up. Strangely however, his Spider Sense prompts him to follow her, as opposed to how it usually prompts him to go away or avoid instead of follow.

Silk swings to her old home where she hopes to find her family but is disappointed to find that they are not there. She finally settles down and asks how long Morlun had been dead. Spider-Man explains that he killed Morlun twice. Upon hearing this, Silk again grows furious, knowing that if Morlun could rise from the dead before, he is probably still alive! She begins to attack Spider-Man, but ends up kissing him on the building.


To clarify the last scene, Spider-Man and Silk ended up making out, not so much because it is a typical movie couple thing to do, but because, like animals, they were uncontrollably drawn to each other. as the scene below shows quite clearly.

So, from this issue we find that, like most spiders and insects for that matter, the female spider is more powerful than the male. Silk has the ability to control her organic webbing quite well, able to shape them to her liking. She also has heightened spider sense, speed and everything better than Peter except strength, of which Peter's is marginally better.

Honestly however, after being taught Kung-Fu by the Iron Fist, I wouldn't think battling this slightly better version of himself should be a problem.

As far as content in this issue, again, there is not too much taking place. The story is quite straight forward. Not being a big fan of the mystical spider totem and essentially all the stories involving Ezekiel, Morlun and etc, I might have a slightly biased review for this issue. It appears that Spider-Man is becoming less human like.

While the story is still building, I'd like to see an explanation to why Spider-Man was never drawn towards Spider-Woman ( Jessica Drew) this way before in the past, or why Morlun didn't previously come when Jessica Drew first became Spider-Woman for that matter.

Regardless, this is the beginning of the Spider-Verse event that is coming very soon. There will certainly be many repercussions from this story line of which we will have to wait for.

Rating: 3/5


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