The Amazing Spider-Man v3 # 1

Posted by bulletproofsponge 13 May 2014

As a quick warning to all, this review is going to be pretty long as the issue itself is really long!
There are a number of stories here:

  1. Lucky to Be Alive
  2. Recapturing that old spark
  3. Crossed Paths
  4. How my stuff works
  5. Homecoming, sort of..
  6. Kaine
  7. Learning to crawl: Amazing reality
Obviously, it was no coincidence that the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie was released at about the same time as this issue. From this issue alone, we can already see some influences of the movie taking effect in the actual comic.

Story 1: Lucky to be alive

This would be the main story of the issue, being the first. This doesn't mean that the other stories are any less important though. 

As most would have already seen in the teaser for this issue, the prelude flashes back thirteen years ago, to when Peter was first bitten by the radioactive spider. We see that the spider crawled to someone else and bit her as well before it died!

The issue starts with Spider-Man interrupting a heist by White Rabbit and her fellow other female animal themed crooks. Just another normal day for Spider-Man, except that he is naked, with only a little webbed underwear to cover his shame. The situation gets explained as we flashback a couple of hours.

As promised in the last issue, Peter makes an official statement, stating that the rumor about him being killed was false, and that he is going to resign from inventing spider tech for Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, in Peter's apartment, Ana Maria is looking for Peter and finds a wedding ring in his drawer, with a list of things SpOck was preparing for his proposal. 

On the news, a movie styled Electro has been creating a mess, and the Avengers have been helping to round up the last of the spider slayers and the Goblin's forces.  Jameson, for a moment considered returning to the Bugle, but gets furious when he sees himself shamed on the front page!

Peter back at his company is slowly bringing himself up to speed by asking Sajani questions about what they're working on, without looking like a total loser. He decides to swing out as Spider-Man for some fresh air, and bumps into White Rabbit and her crew. In a completely unnecessary scene however, skien, one of the lady villains in the team who has the ability to control fabric, strips Spider-Man. Spidey is able to stop her before she takes his mask off however.

The naked Spider-Man is filmed by everyone and is soon all over social media. Everyone sees him including the Avengers and Mary Jane. Pete eventually goes back to his apartment to find Ana Maria there, who tells him she knows he is Spider-Man from his three freckles under his belly.

Story 2: Recapturing that old spark

This is just a short story about Electro, who is about to get really powerful and famous thanks to the movie.

In this issue, our classic Electro gets a makeover, like he did in the movie. He has become the laughing stock of all the B class villains after he was thrown into the sky by Thor and mind controlled by the Superior Spider-Man (Superior Spider-Man # 6). Pissed at Spider-Man, Electro decides to suck all the power from the power supply at a prison with plans to break everyone free and gain some respect. Instead, he absorbs too much power, like in the movie, and explodes...sort of.

The explosion kills many of the inmates, and injures more, leaving only a new blue electro furious and ready to kill Spider-Man, blaming him for messing with his brain, causing him to do something so foolish.

Story 3: Crossed Paths

This is a story about the Black Cat and what happened to her after SpOck punched her tooth out and left her for the cops in Superior Spider-Man # 20.

With her capture, the Black Cat had her secret identity as Felicia Hardy revealed worldwide on television. The longer she sits in prison, the more she ponders about how much she now hates Spider-Man for what he has done. She decides that she will toy around with Spider-Man's life when she eventually gets out and make him suffer before she eventually "squishes" him.

On the day, that Electro decided to bust everyone out of prison, the Black Cat, being naturally lucky, escapes unharmed, unlike her fellow jailmates.

We next see her watching Peter Parker as Spider-Man, unaware of what had happened, swinging around. The once ally of Spider-Man however, now wants only to see him suffer.

Story 4: How my stuff works

This is a mini story, where Spider-Man just updates new readers about who he is and what kind of super powers he has. It's mostly just a fun, unrelated story, but there is one panel here that I particularly like as shown below.

Story 5: Homecoming, sort of

This is a teaser story about the one and only Spider-Man 2099, aka Miguel O'Hara! We begin with a news reporter in a helicopter reporting the sudden halt of an armored car that was part of a robbery just moments ago. It isn't long however until the reporter spots Spider-Man 2099.

Spider-Man 2099 swings around the city that would become his home, and the fanciest area in town. At the moment in the current timeline however, it is a dump that is perpetually empty.

He continues doing his good duties as Spider-Man and saves a girl from being shot. Strangely however, the girl is angry at him for saving her as she hates her life and didn't mind being shot.

Story 6: Kaine

This story follows Peter Parker as he finally decides to go down to Texas to check on his 'brother' - Kaine. The story briefly brings the reader up to speed on who Kaine is. Peter, in Texas starts hearing from others about what type of person he is. He is brought up to speed about how Kaine had turned into a giant Spider, confirming that Kaine had embraced the 'other', unlike Peter, who rejected it upon his rebirth. ( But that's another story)

Anyway, Peter is at first concerned for Kaine, but he soon hears from many others that Kaine was actually known in town to be a hero, more than a monster. Peter eventually leaves Texas, hoping that Kaine has finally found peace.

The scene changes to Kaine, as the Scarler Spider now, fighting alongside the New Warriors. Again, this was just a promo story for the New Warrior series, much like how the story about Spider-Man 2099 was a promo for his new series.

Story 7
Learning to crawl: Amazing reality

This story, takes place, long ago, when Peter first became Spider-Man and was busy making money doing wrestling shows.

Spider-Man had a hardcore fan whom he did not know about who would attend all his shows. He was also crazy about Spider-Man, much like how Electro was crazy about Spider-Man before he became bad, in the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie.

In one of Spider-Man's shows, Spider-Man lifts his mask halfway for a lady to see. The kid hears Spidey's voice and realizes that he is just a kid like himself. The kid tells Spider-Man that he aspires to be like him, to which Spidey responds by saying that anything is possible.

This inspires the kid even more to become like Spider-Man. We see the kid in his room later, putting together a new costume, similar to Spider-Man's.

This is actually a promo for Amazing Spider-Man 1.1, which is actually next on my 'to review' list.

The only problem I have with this story is that we all know it took place ages ago, even though the comic timeline states that Peter was bitten only 13 years ago. Regardless, there still wasn't and youtube 13 years ago, making it really strange that videos of Spider-Man are being uploaded to YouTube as depicted in this story.


Being the first issue of the Amazing Spider-Man relaunch, it was quite strategic of Marvel to include so many sub stories that serve as a prequel to their newer series. It gets the attention of the reader and causes them to want to read more about their favorite character and his friends.

To a certain extent, I am glad that they did not solve Ana Maria's situation with Peter too quickly. Some drama is appropriate, and her finding out his identity as Spider-Man and also finding the note about Ock's intention to marry was excellent.

The situation opens doors for Peter to explain what the true situation is. However, doing so would most likely terrify poor Ana Maria. It could however open doors for a beautiful partnership, as SpOck had appointed her as his assistant in the company, and not for personal reasons alone. SpOck recognized her intelligence and her ability to help run the company. Peter could use a friend and ally who understands his situation to help.

Probably the next best story in this whole issue, in my opinion is the one involving the Black Cat. The Black Cat has been a long time ally of Spider-Man and a good friend, sometimes even with benefits!

In this teaser however, we're looking at a completely new Black Cat, who will stop at nothing to ruin Spider-Man. Depending on how Felicia responds to Peter's excuse for his behavior, things can possibly revert to normal, or Spider-Man could have a permanent enemy who will really cause him a lot of trouble.

As mentioned at the start, this issue carries much influence from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. We see a new character arise in the final story, whose story will continue to be told in Amazing Spider-Man 1.1. Like, in the movie, this character is really a product of being a die hard fan of Spider-Man.

We also see that Electro is getting a large role in the comics. His actions in the prison have already been told in three of the seven stories above. The new revamped Electro is probably going to take Ock's place as Spider-Man's number two villain, next to the Goblin. ( or not)

Deadpool vs. Carnage # 3

Posted by Jesse

Deadpool vs. Carnage # 3

It’s time for another rip rousing round of combat. Time for some merciless marvel mayhem. It’s round 3 of Deadpool vs. Carnage and the chaos is bound to pickup.

Last time DP upped the ante on Carnage by plowing over his Ferrari (with him in it)with a combine. Now the action has given way to the streets ,causing a stand still in traffic. Will DP finally be able to bust a cap in the gruesome monstrosity? Or will Carnage spill his guts? ( Cue: Let the bodies hit the floor) .

WARNING: This issue contains: Vehicular Manslaughter, Impaling, Redrum,Rednecks,stuffed doll violence,reckless driving,TACOS,roadkill,unlicensed firearms,weird aliens,bio splatter, a missing eyeball, secret governement military ops, ghost towns, spoiled vacation plans, annoying children, no good guy to save the day, illegal use of katanas, underated art work,.etc etc...


On the highway Carnage and Deadpool are once again at each others throats. Carnie seems to have a bit of a reach advantage, but DP is doing his best to avoid all those spiky tendrils. DP goes in for the kill shot and gets a big spike for his effort. That’s gonna leave a mark. Despite taking damage to himself DP manages to run his blade against Carnage and draw some blood. That’s not the only running as Carnage seems to be rather perturbed by DP’s constant running of the mouth. DP’s whole speel involves challenging Carnage’s self inspired chaos theory ( no, not the same 1 from Jurassic Park)

DP basically says that Carnage is full of it.  This doesn’t seem to bother Carnage as he haphazardly flings DP into an oncoming semi which proceeds to run him over, smearing his intestines and fluid across the pavement.

DP is seeing red as he now has tunnel vision when it comes to motivation. He embarks on a nation wide quest to find Carnage, who has hit the road.

 Carnage resorts to hitching a ride from a family of vaction-ers looking for ghost towns.
The trip isn’t exactly comfortable for the family with their new guest of honor becoming the passenger seat driver. Carnage threatens and lambastes the mother, father and two kids, practically scaring them out of their skin before slaughtering them when they reach their destination.

Carnage & Shriek arrive at a ghost town that gives Carnage a curious feeling. As he investigates he stumbles upon a small, secret military group that he immediately massacres.

 As fate would have it, DP was tracing the same unit called the mercury squad to this exact location, only he arrives too late, or has he? Upon entering the seemingly vacant facility, DP gets torn apart once again by the red headed maniac. While laying helpless in a pool of his own remains, DP chances upon remarkable power transforming him into a very unique,and lethal Hybrid.


The situation just got a whole lot stickier.
I won’t spoil the surprise ending for you. It’s something you need to see for yourself to believe but if you’re a fan of the Spiderverse you should have been able to pick up on my clues.  It’s definitely worth seeing.

So for this issue overall, the story remainder lackluster but the violence was certainly kicked up a notch.  It was pretty wild to see DP become road kill. I’ve said before that DP is mostly a walking talking crash test dummy, a punching bag, a pin cushion, and what not for sh!+$ and giggles.  He’s the personification of a punch line, and your favorite pull string doll designed to absorb all the abuse and keep on smiling, and this series is a fine example. 

If anything, we learned that no matter how well equipped DP is, he’s still rather  out matched in this encounter. If he’s going to really going to score the big hit on the C-man he needed to level up. And level up he certainly does. In fact I think he by passed level 2 & 3 and went straight to 4.

However, DP’s oddball philosophy seems to be getting deeper under the skin of Carnage than any of his blades or bullets. I wonder how this will play out in the long run. Could it be what we call in the biz a game changer?


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