Today, in our list of Things We Learned from the Superior Spider-Man series we have number eight on the list as presented below..

Number 8: Spock has a zero tolerance policy on crime.

The Superior Spider-Man saga has certainly taught us a great many things, but comparatively, learning that Otto’s approach to heroics is the total annihilation of crime, provides us with an interesting reflection of the ever present, reoccurring theme of power & responsibility. Specifically, Otto’s extreme nature shows us exactly what happens when power dominates responsibility. 

Otto demonstrated this mode of operation, when he unleashed an arsenal of Spiderbots throughout the city which allowed himself 24/7 surveillance and split second response time to crimes in progress. He also demonstrated this by sometimes inflicting extreme physical punishment onto the offenders, even going so far as to execute them. Coincidentally, that bold approach was not without consequences, as Ock’s treatment of the villain Massacre in Superior Spider-Man # 5, landed him in deep turmoil, yet that seemed to have little to no effect on Otto’s hardcore and unremorseful resolve. He continued to dishout this brand of brutality on Smythe, and the Kingpin’s empire in Superior Spider-Man 13 and Superior Spider-Man 14. Eventually this lead Ock down a very dark and lonely road which Peter has actively tried to avoid since day one.

It is through these events that the foundation for Peter’s return is established, and with it HOPEFULLY the proper balance of Power & responsibility. We learned from Ock that too much of either can be devastating. Certainly a valuable lesson going forward.

- written by: Jesse


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