As you know, we've been doing a list of Ten things we learned from the Superior Spider-Man series. 

Today we're at number nine on the list!

Number 9:  Mary Jane Kept her web shooters
Number Nine on the list, though may not seem like a big deal to some, would actually be something worth noting for those who are fans of the Peter/ Mary Jane marriage.

In Superior Spider-Man # 28, Mary Jane is watching television with her new boyfriend -Pedro/ Ollie, when they are attacked by some kid goblins. While Pedro tries to fight them off, Mary Jane reaches for her hidden safe, where he takes out a set of web shooters and webs the goblin kids up!

Where did this set of web shooters come from? This set was actually a valentines day gift from Peter to Mary Jane, back in the day when their marriage was not erased from continuity. After much thought, Peter Parker had given her a set of Web Shooters that looked like bracelets for Valentines Day that year. See Web of Romance One-Shot

Admittedly, this is a really small, almost unworthy thing to add to a list, but honestly, who remembered she even had those, let alone kept them after so long?  (props to Thomas Mets, the CBR  Spider-Man forum moderator, and member of our team for pointing it out!)

- written by: bulletproofsponge


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