Greetings Spider fans, and welcome back to the blog that relates all things Spider-Man for your enjoyment. It is time once again for us to essentially turn the page of the story as we all know that the era of the “Superior” Spider-Man is coming to a close, and a new beginning is just a web swing around the corner. 

Now we at Spider-Man Reviews would be remissed if we didn’t say we are tremendously looking forward to the very triumphant and amazing return of Peter Parker to the role of Spider-Man. However, we would also be remissed if we didn’t take the opportunity to reflect on the “Superior” experience, so we did what we do best; we came up with a unique special feature article that chronicles the pictures and pages of our favorite wall crawler, but this time with a focus on his self entitled superior counter part.

For the next couple of day's we'll be releasing the top ten things we learned from the Superior Spider-Man series, compiled by the active reviewers of the site.

So here it is, without further ado we present to you:


Number 10: Criminal masterminds sure love their body doubles
If there is one thing that stood out as far as bad guys goes, during this Superior Spider-Man arc, its that Spider-Man bad guys can never seem to die because they always have body doubles!

In recent times, Jackal, King-Pin and Hobgoblin (Kingsley) have all died, but didn't actually die, all due to the fact that they all had body doubles.  

The Jackal, being a cloning expert, we understand fully. Though he was killed, we will never truly see him dead as he will always work with one of his clones doing all the dirty work for him. This guy pretty much just prints his own 'get-out-of-jail-free' cards. While, it is extremely cheesy and quite annoying for us readers, this is something we can accept. 

During the Superior Spider-Man arc however, two other criminals manage to escape death in a similar way that the Jackal did. 

In Superior Spider-Man # 14, the King Pin is killed by the Superior Spider-Man, except that it isn't actually him! Instead, it is a look a like dummy,  Mr Smeldly Korfeld, who had his DNA genetically altered to look like Wilson Fisk. 

Later on, in Superior Spider-Man # 26,  the Green Goblin/ Goblin King had one last battle to take care of - Roderick Kingsley,  in order to fully take over the criminal empire. In a battle to see who was the better Goblin, the Hobgoblin was killed by the Green Goblin! 

Once again however, we soon find out, within a few panels within the same issue, that the Hobgoblin that was killed was not actually Roderick Kingsley, but a decoy, whom had been brainwashed, to speak, act and fight like the real deal. 

Though the Green Goblin was not aware he had killed a fake, Phil Urich, who had once already experienced killing a fake Hobgoblin was the one to discover the truth, though he kept the secret to himself. 

From the looks of things, it seems as though every criminal mastermind in the spider verse has picked up on the idea of having a body double, just in case they die!

-written by: bulletprofsponge


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