Superior Spider-Man # 27

Posted by bulletproofsponge 17 February 2014

Goblin Nation: Part 1

The issue begins 31 days after issue Superior Spider-Man # 26 I assume, where the city is a terrible mess, fires and screaming is imminent, and the Superior Spider-Man can see it with his eyes, even though his spider bots read that everything is perfectly fine.

Suddenly, Spider-Man loses all eyes on the area surrounding the Brooklyn Bridge. Unable to comprehend this, he decides to check on the area with his own eyes. There he sees the Green Goblin's logo is vandalized on the bridge, presumably causing the spider-bots to shut down as they were hacked to go blind to all goblin activity.

Inside, Ock's brain, we see ghost Peter, or what is left of him, going through all his remaining memories - 31 memories to me exact. While revisiting his memories, he sees that Doc Ock is also revisiting his memory of the night of Gwen's death, to help him remember something about the Goblin. Afraid, of being found, Peter runs to another memory where Spider-Man was fighting Doctor Octopus. Thinking it might help him discover a way to get his body back, Peter goes into the memories of Doctor Octopus, and gets presumably stuck there for a while, unable to remember who he is anymore.

Back in real life, Peter Octopus is busy dismantling his spider bot, trying to figure out what the glitch is. He grows frustrated, working hours on it, causing Ana Maria to worry. ( Yes, they are living together now)

Eventually, Peter realizes that the problem must lie in the part of his spider bot that Uatu designed, - the facial recognition software. When Spider-Man pays Uatu a visit, Uatu confirms that the program has been compromised. With this information and how it is done, Spider-Man is able to track the location of the Goblin.

Meanwhile, Mayor Jameson follows up with his project at Alchemax, the Spider Slayer Patrol. His project is complete, and ready for execution, but Jameson wants to be sure that Spider-Man knows that his doom will his( Jameson's) hand.

Elsewhere Captain Watanabe shows up at Parker Industries, unable to find Peter Parker. She questions the second in command, Sajani, who is equally annoyed at the fact that she too does not know where Peter has been. Captain Watanabe however does not believe Sajani.

Spider-Man eventually crawls down to the Green Goblin's underground lair, where he is greeted by the Goblin and his army. The Goblin talks to Spider-Man, not wanting to fight, proposing that they team up as he knows Spider-Man is actually Otto Octavius. The Green Goblin makes Spider-Ock an offer to be his second in command. This makes Spider-Ock furious, who then breaks the table. Goblin attempts to kill Spider-Man, only to realize that Spidey is actually just a hologram. Octavius mocks the Goblin at first, stating that he has been in the criminal business longer than the Goblin. The Goblin retaliates by bombing Spider-Island!

This issue had all the elements of a great story. Spider-Ock has a major take down ahead of him with the Green Goblin, Mayor Jameson, Captain Wantanabe, Peter Parker, and possibly the Avengers going against him.

I found it quite disheartening that Peter Parker was left with only 31 of his memories remaining. I'm glad, contrary to what I previously believed, that the memory of Gwen Stacy and her death is among the 31 of Peter's remaining memories. What makes the situation even sadder was the fact that Peter is now about to be filled with Doc Ock's lifetime of memories, possibly making him even more like Doc Ock than he is himself. Imagine having only 31 of your memories, and then being filled with someone else's lifetime of memories. I'd find it really hard to be myself after that.

The scene between the Goblin and Spider-Man was fantastic. Both characters, being super villains by nature
are proving their superiority. Spider-Man begins, thinking he is very clever, locating the Goblins hideout, only to be met by an expecting party. To further prove his superiority, the Goblin embraces Spider-Man, not wanting to look for a fight, but for a team up instead, quite embarrassing Spider-Man, who was prepping for a fight. Furthermore, the Goblin reveals that he knows that Spider-Man is really Octavius.

We then have Spider-Man deny the Goblin's offer to team up, resulting in the Goblin trying to kill him. At this point, it is finally Spider-Man's turn to show his superiority, revealing that he is not really there, and that it is just a hologram that is present. You'd think it ends there, but the Goblin already has a back up plan, with an army already prepared to destroy Spider Island anyway!

I'm not so sure Spider-Man has any more tricks up his sleeve. With no real friends by his side, this Superior Spider-Man is in for a really rough ride! Honestly, this whole issue pretty much has the Green Goblin, if it really is Norman, mocking Octavius all the way, which to me, is gold!


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