Peter Parker returns to Marvel Comics as Spider-Man in a relaunch

Posted by bulletproofsponge 09 January 2014

Rumor has been going around that Peter Parker will reclaim his secret identity as Spider-Man, (and his body as Peter Parker body as well) sometime this year, possibly by the end of Superior Spider-Man # 30.

It appears that this rumor might be true as this March 2014, we will be seeing a relaunch of the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 1 in Marvel Now!

In Amazing Spider-Man # 700, Peter Parker's body was taken over by Doctor Octopus, who has since been running around New York, pretending to be both Peter Parker and a 'Superior Spider-Man.'

This March however, it appears that our favorite hero will return, in his own body! What will become of the Superior Spider-Man? Or Spider-Man 2099, who has since been stuck in the current timeline? Will there be more than one Spider-Man swinging around the city?

Check out the teaser below.


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