Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 6

Posted by bulletproofsponge 19 December 2013


Following the events of Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 5, the whole city begins to notice how Spider-Man has, on numerous occasions been teaming up with his ex worst enemies. 

The Avengers, Jonah Jameson, Carlie Cooper, the new Sinister Six, and SHIELD are all watching Spider-Man as he and the Superior Six took out a Hydra Dreadnought on television. All the while, when back in his own base, Spider-Man receives threats from Electro and the rest of the team for mind controlling them and risking their lives out in battle.

Still having not examined the QPE, from the last issue, Spider-Man stores it over at Parker Industries for safekeeping. He later regrets this decision however after he realizes how much power it holds and that it should be kept at a more secure location.

Meanwhile, the scene shifts to Selah Burke, who after class decides to change into her alter ego - Sun Girl! As Sun Girl, she flies around town looking for crime to stop I suppose. She comes across Whilrwind, whom she finds out is creating a nuisance to get the attention of the Superior Six. The Six to show up soon after, only to realize that they have been tricked and cornered by the Masters of Evil. ( Well technically only Spider-Ock realized since the rest of the team is mind controlled)

It doesn't take long for Spider-Man to realize that he is being distracted, and that someone elsewhere is busy stealing the QPE from Parker Industries.

Spider-Man does his best to defeat the Masters of Evil and the Wrecking team with his Superior Six, with intent to rush back to Parker Industries. Unfortunately for him, the process takes longer than he had hoped, and his team is soon trashed, again resulting in feedback to his brain.

Unable to waste any more time trying to win the battle, Spidey prepares to leave the scene to obtain the QPE, leaving the outcome of the battle to fate instead of his careful planning. He is too late however as the Lightmaster arrives before Spider-Man can leave, holding the QPE.

At first Spider-Man is stunned that this B-Class villain is the mastermind behind it all, recruiting the Masters of Evil and the Wrecking Crew. For a brief moment, the Masters of Evil are also stunned by Spider-Man's disdain for their leader, as he commented that the Lightmaster would not even know how to work the machine! Unsure of what to do, the Masters of Evil just stand around,( quite comically actually.)

By the end of the issue, the Lightmaster loses control of the QPE, which ends up in Sun Girl's hands. Spider-Man instructs Sun Girl to use her light powers like her father did and blast the QPE.

A bright light flashes and palm trees, ships, and a lot of sand end up where they were all standing. Spider-Man turns around to see that Sandman, with the abundant supply of sand, and the rest of the team have broken lose of his mind control and are hungry for blood!


The way the battles in this story is written and illustrated are very good. We see exactly what is going on in the mind of Dr Ock, and how he makes the best of each of his team members. Strangely however, in this issue, Ock seems to have made a number of mistakes/ miscalculations, resulting in the mess he is currently in.

Its unfortunate that poor Sun Girl is following in the foot steps of the fake Spider-Man, doing everything he says, most probably not knowing why. I'm not entirely sure how the QPE device worked, or why it brought a beach and ships to the city. The QPE is supposed to be a type of teleportation device as mentioned earlier in the issue.

Did the Masters of Evil get replaced with a beach? If so, how are the Sinister Six members still around and not teleported elsewhere as well.

We also know that a few issues ahead, Spider-Man is going to start having a lot of problem with his involvement with the Six from SHIELD, the Avengers and everyone else.

I'm not sure the reveal that Sun Girl's father is the Lightmaster was very necessary (I failed to mention this part in my synopsis) and don't think this will really do much to improve the story.

Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge


After the last issue- Superior Spider-Man Team Up # 4, I decided to take a break from reviewing this title, being not too impressed with the previous story. This story however is actually pretty good and worth reviewing. 

It all begins soon after Superior Spider-Man # 18, where Horizon Labs was shut down and Alchemax took over the show. It is also the issue where Miguel O'Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099 got stuck in the current timeline. 

In this issue, Alchemax has caught fire. The Superior Spider-Man at first watches in delight, but finally decides that he should intervene, seeing that the fire was caused by a team of super-villains called the wrecking crew. 

Meanwhile, Miguel O'Hara, who has been working at Alchemax eavesdrops on the bad guy's conversation, discovering that they are looking for a device called the Quantum Particle Engine( QPE), being developed by Alchemax. Miguel finds out that according to the future's history books, this prototype energy conduit is going to blow up most of New York in three days time. 

Miguel is about to change to Spider-Man 2099 when the Superior Spider-Man arrives... with the "Superior Six." Spider-Man's greatest enemies have become his allies in this issue. 

To try to cut this long story short, during the battle, Spider-Man begins experiencing head pains whenever his team members get hit. Sun girl, who was at the scene during the battle, takes notice of this and tries to offer Spider-Man some help. It is soon revealed to the reader that the Superior Six are actually being mind controlled by Spider-Man to work together as a team. 

For a short period, Spider-Man loses control and the Sinister Six revert to their normal selves. With this, Spider-Man concludes that it was too early to bring the team out, stating that the mind controlling device needs more work. 

Spider-Man and the Superior Six eventually subdue the wrecking crew, and takes the QPE, and an injured Sungirl with him, back to Spider Island. 

The wrecking crew return to their employer, demanding more pay as their encounter with the Superior Six was not anticipated. Their employer, turns out to be the Lightmaster, who tells the crew that Spider-Man will now have to face him and his Masters of Evil.

Lightmaster and the Masters of evil  sounds like it came from the same era as He-Man. While the name is absolutely retarded, the Lightmaster's costume is actually pretty cool. 

One of the bigger complaints I had with this title is that there was never much teamwork involved. While this issue makes it seem as though there is finally some team efforts introduced, we later find out that it is actually all Dr Octopus running the show... again.

The art and new costumes of the Sinister Six is actually quite good. I liked the whole Black and Red theme that Dr Ock decided to dress his team members with.

As for Sungirl, I'm not too sure what to make of her just yet. She seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Whatever it is, she has now witnessed the inside of Spider-Island. Also Spider-Man seems to take a particular interest in her super powers, which can't be too good. 

Does her powers, which is mostly just blasting light, have anything to do with the Lightmaster? 

Amazing Spider-Man # 700.3

Posted by bulletproofsponge


THE BLACK LODGE: Convalescence 

This issue is really a pretty good issue with a story about Peter I have never read before. I'm not sure if there was any reference to the events of this issue ever taking place before, but as far as the story is concerned, this takes a huge leap compared to the last two (Amazing Spider-Man 700.1 and 700.2)

The Story

This story begins in Queens, soon after Peter has left his aunt's place. As he narrates to himself, he is feeling a little sluggish after eating one too many pies and can't seem to take down Firebrand, a class B villain who usually is not a problem.

Somehow, Spider-Man manages to get himself choked and burnt terribly by Firebrand in the midst of battle. Firebrand, after using all his powers to burn Spider-Man, falls unconscious. An suspicious looking black ambulance soon arrives and picks up both the bodies.

We soon find out that there is a secret hospital for super villains who get beat up. This 'hospital' specializes in treating crooks who would otherwise have no way of receiving medical treatment in a normal hospital. ( Who would have thought of that)

Anyway, Spider-Man's burnt, unrecognizable body is mistaken for a villains' and he is brought into the medical ward. Spider-Man's body is immediately brought to the operating room, where he is operated on by Surgeon General, a creepy looking surgeon who is supposed to be the best in the facility. No one in the ward can seem to identify who this badly burnt person is.

The people in the Emergency Room managed to cut off Spidey's web shooters, but were still clueless. (idiots). Anyhow, Peter eventually wakes up after the operation, wrapped up like a mummy. The doctor comes in and explains that due to his healing factor, no skin graft was necessary.

After more rest, Peter moves around the facility in a wheel chair and meets other villains, bad mouthing SHIELD and the Avengers. Before long, Peter realizes what kind of hospital he is in and begins to plan an escape as soon as he is fit enough.

In another room, we see that Firebrand has finally gained consciousness and has told the nurse that the burnt man is Spider-Man. The nurse rushes to inform Surgeon General, whom after examining the web shooters, already knows that Spider-Man was his burnt patient.


This was a great story featuring Peter Parker, terribly burnt to the point that he is unrecognizable. Once again, I'm pretty sure Superior Spider-Man would have had a fireproof suit or something. Even Scarlet Spider's suit is fireproof. Let's also try not to think about why Spider-Man's spider sense didn't warn him that he was about to be chocked and burnt.

Regardless, the fact that there exist such a hospital for villains that has not yet been heard about is really fascinating. Apart from the Surgeon General, the other nurses look pretty normal. I doubt that this is an organization run by super-villains for super-villains since it seems to be employing rather ordinary looking staff.

Will Spider-Man actually shut this place down after he comes out? I'm not so sure, Guess we gotta keep reading.

Note: There is also a second story that comes in this issue featuring the Black Cat... which will not be reviewed here today. 

Amazing Spider-Man # 700.1 - 700.2

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Frost: Part One

After not seeing Peter Parker in Spider-Man comics for almost a year now ( because he is dead), we finally have an Amazing Spider-Man Comic again! Unfortunately, he has not come back to life.. yet.

The following stories take place before Peter died.

The first story takes place on a cold Manhattan night, that is about to get colder! It follows Spider-Man doing his usual night patrolling, trying to use his powers to help the general public. He stops a mugging, saves a couple from a drunk driver, stops more muggings, bank robberies, and even prevents an cable car from falling to the ground. Spider-Man struggles to remind himself of why it is he does what he does every night.

The next day we see Peter Parker has gotten a chill from staying out in the cold the night before. He goes to the Bugle ( yes, this is a really old story), where Jameson is busy accusing Spider-Man of causing the cable car to drop to appear like a hero saving it.

That night Peter goes to Aunt May's place for dinner and they have a lovely chat about Uncle Ben. He eventually goes back to his apartment, before the winter storm hits. On his way home, Peter hears sirens. He tells himself that he will get back to his Spider-Man duties, but falls asleep ( because he was sick)

When he awakens, there is a blizzard outside. Flights are delayed, stores are closed, cars are stuck, and somehow there is a fire. The winds are so strong that a tree falls on a power cable causing a power outage in the whole city.

Realizing Aunt May is alone at her place with no electricity, Peter proceeds to go check on her and swing through the blizzard as Spider-Man.

Frost: Part two

In this issue, we see Spider-Man struggling to make his way across Manhattan in the blizzard. On his way over, he witnesses a fire in a building. The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man makes a detour from his ever important journey and helps the firemen open the frozen fire hydrant and then proceeds to save the people stuck in the building.

In the meantime, Aunt May is freezing in her own home. A tree crashed her window in the last issue which I forgot to mention, causing her house to loose all the little heat it previously had. With the power out, and the heaters spoiled, Aunt May doesn't last long and soon falls unconscious on the floor.

After making sure everyone is safe from the fire, Spidey continues to swing to Aunt May's place but again makes another detour to help an ambulance stuck in the snow. While trying to pave the way, a truck with a snowplow arrives. Unfortunately it crashes in the ambulance almost sending it off the bridge. Fortunately, Spider-Man was able to stop the ambulance from going all the way off the bridge. The truck driver then paves the way for the ambulance and gives Spider-Man a ride to as close to Aunt May's place as possible.

Walking the last stretch to Aunt May's place, Spider-Man gets really cold and begins to hallucinate, imagining his enemies attacking him. As he is about to give up, he is visited by Uncle Ben who encourages him to move on.

Spider-Man eventually reaches Aunt May's house, gets her warm and makes sure she is alright. The next morning he helps to fix up her house, after which, Aunt May insists that he take a rest.



This was a classic Peter Parker Spider-Man tale which we have been missing for about almost a year now with Superior Spider-Man taking over the books. As always, with Peter Parker, everything is about Uncle Ben and Aunt May. While I am not a big fan of ghost Uncle Ben appearing with his ever smiling face to reassure Peter of something all the time, his appearance here makes the issue a classic.

These two very simple stories carry some pretty deep meaning, reminding the readers of why Peter Parker chose to be Spider-Man.

Undoubtedly, the Superior Spider-Man would probably have had a much quicker, more effective way to get everything done in the last two issue much faster, but that would remove the essence of this story.

As a final thought, why is Venom not in his classic costume in Spider-Man hallucinations?


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