Superior Carnage 3

Posted by Jesse 21 September 2013

Superior Carnage 3 (Coming to a theatre near you..or not.)

Synopsis:  The Wizard manages to overcome the mind and body of Dr. Malus covered with the Carnage symbiote. He then orders Carnage to weaponize and suit up for action.

The new Carnage takes the liberty of transforming himself into a new shape and look complete with …a purple coat?

Anyway, the trio proceeds to City Hall aka Major Jameson’s office, to take control of the city and all its resources. They barge in and start blowing things up while Carnage manages to kill a few personnel. Meanwhile Jameson is rushed to his personal office by security. Funny how just prior to the attack, Jameson mentioned that Carnage had escaped from prison.

Lo and behold, guess who finally shows up to put a stop to this. That’s right it’s Mr. Superior himself, and his not so superior minions.

Remind me why I’m reading this? Oh ya Thrills, chills, and spills, not to mention a laugh here and there.

It’s good to see the plot move forward, after all this is only a 5 parter. 

Fear me Spider-Man
The Wiz always comes off as cheesy to me, and I think that’s intentional as I pick up a vibe reminiscent of the Monarch.

Even his scheme seems ridiculously maniacal. (Let’s take over the world by first taking over the city.) Yawn.

I didn’t like this issue near as much as the previous two. The character interaction just wasn’t as compelling, and the reveal of the new Carnage was disappointing.

I like that the Wizard learned something this issue and that is; Ya mess with Mayor Jameson, ya mess with Spiderpuss. How do ya like them apples?

You might say Carnage got an upgrade/ makeover/ overhaul this issue but Carnage with guns? C’mon. Totally unnecessary. And I know what you’re thinking, just cause Venom did it that makes it ok. No! It don’t.

Marvel's way of repackaging a character seems to be: Giv’em lots a guns, cause kids love guns, heck everybody loves guns.” No!

The look of Carnage is beyond weird, ok. It’s like a bad rendition of Yoshimitsu from Tekken Tag.  Why did they incorporate such a drastic redesign? Couldn’t they abide by the old adage; “If it aint broke, don’t fix it.” Sigh.

Superior Yoshi?

Hopefully the series will pick up next issue with some Spiderpuss on Carnage action. I’m predicting much more guns, killing, and villainous monologues to come. Joy.


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