Superior Spider-Man # 17

Posted by bulletproofsponge 05 September 2013

Superior Spider-Man # 17 review
Necessary Evil: Part 1

A very well written issue by Dan Slott I'd have to say. The two world's are tied in very nicely.

The Story
It begins in Nueva York, the new name for New York, where people say 'Jammit' instead of 'Dammit,' and 'what the shock' instead of 'what the.. ' never mind.

Miguel O'Hara gets off the train when he hears about a catastrophe taking place at Alchemax Tower. He goes there to see World War 1 planes and Dinosaurs coming out of a time portal. After somehow managing to solve the problem, he decides to pay a visit to the Big Boss of Alchemax - Tyler Stone.

Spider-Man 2099 is shocked however to see Tyler Stone being erased piece by piece. We find out here that Tyler Stone is Miguel O'Hara's biological father. As such, his disappearance from history slightly concerns Miguel, as he too would inevitably be erased from history.

Spider-Man 2099, after some persuasion from Stone's scientists, decides he must jump through the time portal and time travel to 2013 to stop the anomaly.

Back in 2013, Peter and the guys from Horizon are playing a game of baseball. Peter Octopus is enjoying being in the body of a good looking athletic, able to impress his girl - Ana Maria.

Just then, a Helicopter comes down with officers who have come to arrest Max Modell. This puzzles Peter as a smart man like Max would be clever enough to avoid being caught if he had really committed a crime.

From a distance, Tiberius Stone is watching with a smirk on his face. Over at the Bugle, an anonymous person has sent the Bugle reports of wrongs that Horizon has committed and footage of Max's arrest. Robbie refuses to publish Max's arrest however.

Down in the Goblin's Lair, Phil Urich, aka the Goblin Knight wants to get out from underground and face Spider-Man. The Goblin King however begins to attack the Goblin Knight, accusing him of being foolish. In the midst of doing so however, he is suddenly hit with a brilliant scheme to further ruin Spider-Man.

This next scene is where things get interesting. While all the employees of Horizon Labs stays lounges around the common area of the lab, Liz Allan aka Harry Osborn's wife, aka owner of Allan Chemical, comes in, stating that she, the current largest shareholder of Horizon Labs will be taking over the company. She has also appointed Tiberius Stone as the site supervisor.

Peter Octopus warns Tiberius Stone that he does not know what he is dealing with. Liz Allan stops the almost heated situation between Stone and Parker, stating that Peter Parker was a good friend of hers. Meanwhile, Grady has a plan to use his time machine, that he used back in Amazing Spider-Man 679, to capture footage of Tiberius Stone causing the screw ups for which Horizon is being charged.

Peter however doesn't wait for legal means and changes to Spider-Man and goes after Liz Allan and Tiberius Stone.

Back at the Lab, Grady is preparing the time portal when Spider-Man 2099 jumps out. He asks for the time and date and then chases after the 'anomaly.'

Meanwhile, our Spider-Man has stopped the cars carrying Liz and Tiberius. Liz Allan has no issue with Spider-Man's presence, as he had saved her life and her sons life countless times. Her child from Harry is also there - Normie.

Spider-Man's spider sense goes havoc when confronted by Normie, who says he knows who he really is. Spider-Man decides however that the child is not so important and turns his attention to his real target -Stone who is busy taunting Spider-Man. Spider-Man is about to punch Tiberius Stone's face in, when he is stopped by Spider-Man 2099, here to save his grandfather!


Ok, I know that was a pretty detailed review. Even I would get bored reading it, but bear with me. What has just happened here is that Dan Slott has just made Tiberius Stone, the father of Tyler Stone, who is the father and arch enemy of Spider-Man 2099.

I'm not too familiar with the stories involving Spider-Man 2099, but I am pretty sure that Tiberius Stone was created with every intention of linking him to Tyler Stone. This story has been pretty long in the making.

It is safe to assume that the anomaly Spider-Man 2099 was looking to prevent was the death of Tiberius Stone at Spider-Ock's hand. Tiberius Stone's death would mean the existence of Tyler Stone to cease, and that of Miguel O'Hara himself as well.

The way I see it, if Spider-Man 2099 has his way, Horizon is going to be acquired by Allan Chem, which will then become Alchemax. Max Modell will be put in jail for good, and Tiberius Stone, a crook will run free, to bear a son who will also be another crook.

If Spider-Ock were to have his way, everything would be perfect, except for the fact that Spider-Man 2099 may cease to exist.

This story could be a game changer / continuity disrupter for Spider-Man comics.

As for Liz Allan's child, he looks really spooky and probably has some kind of telepathic powers. There is clearly something abnormal about him, which is why his mom is bringing him with her everywhere.

Either way, 4/5 rating from me. Great story build up and tie-ins.


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