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Posted by bulletproofsponge 28 August 2013


Apologies for yet another late review.

The Story

We begin with Phil Urich's identity as the Hobgoblin being exposed by Spider-Man. He is in the Daily Bugle, surrounded by his co-workers. Not believing the accusation to be true, Robbie declares that if anyone in the office gives away Phil's location to Spider-Man, they will be fired.

Spider-Man urges the people of New York, over television ( he hacked the systems and is now appearing on all screens), to take responsible action, relating Peter's story of how Uncle Ben was killed because of his lack of responsibility.

Pretty soon, Norah begins to think that Phil really is the Hobgoblin, recalling how he always got the good video footage of the Hobgoblin. Eventually, someone in the office breaks and reports Phil's location. Spider-Man and the cops start storming in. Phil starts to lose his cool as he nears captivity, despite Robbie supporting him all the way, even obstructing Spider-Man from interfering. Eventually however, Phil Urich goes nuts and takes out his sword, and holds Norah hostage.

From another location, Tiberius Stone watches the news in delight, seeing that he has ruined Hobgoblin's life. Over on the news, every station is broadcasting Phil's identity as the Hobgoblin. We have some references to Civil war and the concern for 'masks' living among us.

In the meantime, Wraith has captured one of Spider-Man's crew. She sprays him with fear gas and demands to know why they are working for Spider-Man. The poor guy tells her the truth, that they are legitimate hired guns. Wraith then gets Carlie the man's checking account, so she can follow the money. Carlie notes that the money is coming from an off shore account, and states that the real Spider-Man could never get his accounts right, and certainly couldn't manage this.

Coming back to Norah, she manages to elbow Phil's face and get free without any problems.Phil tries his sonic scream technique but stops when he sees his uncle, Ben Urich, hurting. Spider then detonates his trackers which were inside Phil's body and then football tackles him outside where he is publicly humiliated.

Underground, the Goblin King sees Phil Urich's situation on the news. He then asks Menace, who looks a little different from before, to bring Urich to him.

In the aftermath of Urich's arrest, Robbie regretfully has to dismiss Norah as she was too involved in working on the Hobgoblin stories together with Phil.

With Hobgoblin in custody, Spider-Man confiscates his sword, and is in the midst of discussing a way to stop him from using his sonic scream when Captain America calls, requesting his presence immediately. Spider-Man leaves it to the police to take Phil Urich to prison.

Halfway through the journey Phil Urich's transport truck gets blown up and Menace comes to take him away.

Phil Urich is essentially taken to the underground where he meets the Goblin King and is made the Goblin Knight.


To sum it all up, this was a pretty decent wrap up for the story, except for Phil Urich's new name - Goblin Knight. - WhAt!!

Hobgoblin fans who were loyal to Roderick Kingsley would be glad that this impostors run as Hobgoblin is over. We still do not have any indication as to who the Goblin King is. What we do know however is that Norman Osborn worked with Menace, and now Menace is working with this Goblin King.

It seems to be a trend among these goblins to use another person's exact suit.

Carlie and Wraith : Still some very slow progress.

Spider-Man and the Avengers: By now I've decided that the Avengers are too dumb for this Spider-Man, as such, the 'talk' between Cap and Spidey can't really be of any significance.

I feel sorry for Norah Winters as she just got laid off from work, for absolutely no valid reason. Any possibility of a decent story to build from here? I have this slight feeling that she might end up being another mask, sooner or later.

Anyway, till the next review - Spider-Man 2099!


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