Superior Spider-Man 11

Posted by bulletproofsponge 12 June 2013

Superior Spider-Man 11 is essentially an issue highlighting the fact that Doc Ock, is going to have to learn to be humble if he is going to continue living Peter's life, after all, Peter was a humble guy. Also, there is something about the Spider-Slayer...

The Story

The story begins with Peter Octopus, sitting in university, listening to a boring lecture about the Negative Zone that he already knows about. Doctor Lamaze is not too pleased that Peter is not paying attention. Anna  notices however that Peter is clearly bored and already knows everything. She asks him why he is even in class, to which he hints that he is there to see her.

Peter later gets a phone call from the Mayor. Mayor Jameson wants Spider-Man present on the day of the Spider-Slayer's execution, in case an attempt at escape is made. Spider-Man agrees.

The following day, - the day of execution for the Spider-Slayer, Jameson is given a tour around The Raft Maximum Security prison. He sees Boomerang, whom Spider-Man almost beat to death, bedridden, a blind Adrian Toomes a.ka The Vulture, and Scorpion, whose jaw was punched clean off.

Other prisoners include the Lizard and the Spider-Slayers/ Smythe, whose death Jameson had come to witness.

Meanwhile, Peter Octopus is getting cocky with Max Modell over at Horizon Labs. Max warns him that his patience levels are reaching its limits.

Spider-Man soon arrives at the Security Prison along with his spider-bots ( uncountable amounts). It appears that Spider-Man had brought them to work on something, as depicted in the image attached. Spidey then walks past Smythe's cell, who tries to taunt him, reminding him about how he slaughtered Marla Jameson. Unfortunately for Smythe, he is actually talking to Doctor Octopus, who could not care less. Spider-Man just ignores him and carries on with business, looking at the holding cell in which he was once held, as Doctor Octopus.

Mayor Jameson soon arrives in a helicopter with Norah Winters and Glory Grant. As expected, Smythe pulls some stunts when brought into the execution room, and thousands of mini slayer bots start attacking people. Spider-Man activates his plan Zeta One.

Being fully prepared for the situation, Spider-Man's spider bots begin fighting the mini slayer bots. Spider-Man then proceeds to deal with the Spider-Slayer. Smythe however, is not interested to fight Spider-Man, but is more focused on escape instead. He tries several means of escape, all carefully planned over months of being held in prison. Each escape route however seems to be blocked by one of Spider-Man's tricks.

As a last resort, Smythe then sends some mini slayer bots to fix up Boomerang, Toomes and Scorpion. The bots create new artificial eyes for Toomes, a jaw for Scorpion and something for Boomerang, getting them all back on their feet. Smythe then tells them to kill Spider-Man and they will all be free.


I thought this issue was pretty decent. There are two stories taking place here. The first is about Doctor Octopus, learning to be humble, or resenting the fact that he has to be, if he wants to live Peter Parker's life. There is more build up on the relationship between Anna and Peter Octopus in this issue.

Unfortunately, both the Goblin story, and " the adventures of Carlie," are absent from this book. We will have to wait a little longer for that and put up with this mini sub story in the mean time.

I can't help but notice that a fair amount of focus is given to the prison guard in this issue. I did not write anything about him in my review, however, he makes a few unnecessary appearances in this issue, being ignored and scolded by both Mayor Jameson and Spider-Man, most likely creating a blow to his ego. This could just be the start of a new villain in my opinion.

Finally, we have the Vulture, Boomerang and Scorpion, all beaten up and left with serious damages that actually affect continuity. Sure, they have temporarily recovered thanks to some help from the Spider-Slayer, however, this healing is all artificial. From the scan above, we can see that the three now share similar traits in appearance to the Spider-Slayer. These three are now at the mercy of the Spider-Slayer, not to mention screwed if Smythe is defeated.


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