Superior Spider-Man 10

Posted by bulletproofsponge 27 May 2013

Superior Spider-Man 10, aka, the first issue featuring Peter Octopus as Spider-Man, completely without Peter Parker's memories. In the last issue, all of Peter's memories were removed from his body, leaving only Dr Octopus to do as he pleases with Peter's body.

The Story

This story begins with Peter Octopus, enjoying his morning without Peter Parker's memories. He proceeds to break up a gang war between The Owl and White Dragon. It take him absolutely no time or effort to web both the gang leaders up, leaving them beaten for the cops. He then changes to Peter Parker and proceeds to his morning class.

Going there, he finds Mary Jane, waiting for him at University. Not sure of what to say, and having lost interest in MJ, along with Peter's memories, Peter Ock brushes her off quickly and heads straight to class. Meanwhile, we see some of the goblin's crew, inviting White Dragons goons to join them in their plot against Spider-Man.

In the next scene, we see Captain Wantanabe interviewing a few cops who were at the scene when Spider-Man started beating and murdered Massacre. Unfortunately, she is unable to get any solid information about Spider-Man killing Massacre at point blank range because they all seem to be protecting him.

In the meantime, underground, we see the Goblin has gotten his hands on of Spidey's Spider-bots. He makes some adjustments to it after noticing a design flaw.

Back at University, Peter Ock finishes his exam early and leaves. On his way out, Anna invites him over to her place for desert.

Over at Mary Jane's club, we see MJ, deep in thought about Peter's strange behavior. Just outside the club, the goblins little cherubs arrive to cause mischief. They also spot a spider-bot, that isn't functioning, thanks to their boss's new hack.

MJ later tries to call Carlie, but her line doesn't seem to be working. Pretty soon, she notices that no one in her club can use their phones either. Soon, a bomb is thrown into the club and disaster strikes!

Meanwhile, our fake Peter is enjoying a family meal with Aunt May and the two Jamesons. Spider-Man's odd behavior soon becomes the topic of conversation and Peter decides to leave, telling Aunt May he has to meet a girl that night. Aunt May is happy to send him off, knowing he is going to meet a girl.

Peter shows up at Anna Maria's home, and watches her prepare desert. In the process, Anna falls from her
stool and Peter saves her from some falling dry ice, which burns Peter's hands. One thing leads to another and the two end up kissing. They are interrupted by Peter's buzzer however and Peter leaves. Anna Maria tells him he can come back later, if he is still interested.

Meanwhile, our love sick Mary Jane is almost dying in the fire when a fireman comes to save her. About to pass out however, she thinks the fireman is Peter. Spider-Man however, was no where on the scene, but was instead busy taking out some heads of three crime families.

Underground, we see the a character that looks like the Green Goblin, but calls himself the Goblin King, gathering support from other gangs whom have lost their leaders.


Having read this, I'd have to say that I am pretty impressed with Mike Mcnulty's Speculation on Superior Spider-Man, as it turns out to be quite accurate thus far.

I am quite disappointed that the Goblin King is not the real Green Goblin. I would have really liked to see the Green Goblin kick this fake Spider-Man's ass!

Also, in this issue, we finally have some progression for Mary Jane, who is finally realizing that Peter is not really Peter. In the next issue or so, I'm sure she'll find out from Carlie what is really going on.

And as for Carlie's progress, unfortunately I do not see any possible plan of action she can take at the moment to prove her theory.

Overall I thought this was a very interesting issue, with the new Peter's new romantic interest, probably going to cause some havoc for the real Peter, when he finally comes back.


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