Superior Spider-Man 8

Posted by bulletproofsponge 23 April 2013

Here we are at yet another late review of Superior Spider-Man, featuring Doctor Octopus as Spider-Man.

The Story
This story begins with Dr Elias Wirtham aka Cardiac, in his underground, illegal clinic, using Dr Octopus's stolen device to help the needy. Unfortunately, he does not know how to fully operate the machines he stole, as only Dr Octopus knows his own inventions properly.

Back at the Avengers tower, Spider-Man is having a full on battle with the Avengers. Surprisingly he is doing pretty well until Ghost Spider-Man shouts "... watch the face!" At this, Superior Spidey is stunned and pauses for a second, giving the Avengers time to knock him out.

Elsewhere, Carlie has come to the conclusion that it is definitely not Peter behind the Superior Spider-Man. She makes a call to an anonymous character, asking for his help to prove her theory.

Back at the Avengers tower, after putting Spider-Man through several tests, the Avengers conclude that he is indeed Spider-Man and not a skrull or anything similar. Spider-Ock however is the only one in the room smart enough to notice that there is a slight anomaly in his brain pattern. He requests for a soft copy of the readings to study it further.

Black Widow later tries to open up to Spider-Man telling him that she understands his strange behavior is because he has crossed the line in killing Massacre. Ghost Spidey tries to draw a message for Widow to clue   her in to who she is actually talking to. However, when she sees his drawing after Spider-Ock leaves, she doesn't understand it and simply assumes it is a doodle.

After heading back to his lab, Peter Ock cant seem to fully understand the brain anomaly. He decides he needs his brain scanner which Cardiac stole.

We next see Spider-Man breaking into Cardiac's mini underground hospital. He begins trashing the place and is about to pull the plug on the sick child who is using his device, when Cardiac states that Dr Octopus put this child's life in jeopardy during his global warming scheme in Amazing Spider-Man : Ends of earth. 

Feeling guilty, Spider-Ock says he will work the device properly and perform the surgery on the child himself. After the surgery, Cardiac thanks Spider-Man, as does the child, who gives him her stuffed toy ( I thinks the kid is a girl). Cardiac allows Spider-Man  to take the scanner back with him, and Spider-Man agrees to return it once he is done. With his brain scanner back, Spider-Ock finally realizes Peter's subconscious existence and can now talk to him. He tells Peter that he is going to get rid of him once and for all!


I thought this was a great issue. I've been waiting  for Ock, or anybody for that matter to finally figure out that Peter is still alive. It's still fifty-fifty chance that Peter Parker will finally emerge as himself again. (Unlikely in my opinion) Also do note that I make it a point not to look at solicits as much as possible, so I really don't know what issues are coming up.

Now, who is the man that Carlie is talking to? My first thought was Norman Osborn, although he is not a good person like how Carlie said. Some people seem to think it could be Vin Gonzales, or Captain Watanabe.

Finally my favorite thought, pointed out by Chris in his review from spidermancrawlspace - Spider-Man wears a redundant hair net and facial mask while performing the operation!.


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