Superior Spider-Man 5

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 March 2013

The issue begins with the CEO of Phizzy Cola industries -the parent company of Burger Town, Mirinda Pullman, getting a call from Norah Winters. In Superior Spider-Man 4, Massacre, the villain in this story, massacres everyone in the restaurant, save 2 fortunate lives.

As such, all the reporters want to hear what the owners of Burger Town have to say. Just then, Massacre turns up at Ms Pullman's residence and forces her to hire him to commit more murders while wearing their competitors shirt for $12 million.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is getting the help of Uatu to help him create a device to track down Massacre. Once the device is complete, Spider-Man changes to Peter and goes for his 'extra classes,' for his doctorate. Peter, really being Dr Octopus, is much smarter than his tutor but continues to stay for class only because his tutor is a very good cook.

After having a hearty meal, Peter Octopus changes to Spider-Man and proceeds to track Massacre. He finds the hostages Massacre has kept hidden in a building some blocks away.

He defuses all the bombs the hostages are tied to, and then goes to find the killer himself.

Meanwhile, a number of blocks away, Massacre has already started shooting. police officers at Grand Central Station. ( Spider-Man told the cops Massacres location as soon as he found out)

Spider-Man manages to sneak into the windows of the building, saves a kid and takes out Massacre. Having witnessed enough murders at Massacre's hand, Spider-Man kills him with a gun.(Obviously against the will of Ghost Spidey aka the real Spider-Man)

Just before Massacre is killed however, he shows some form of emotion - Fear, and actually manages to shed some tears. This does not change a thing for Spider-Ock as he shows the killer no mercy.

Back at Mirinda Pullman's apartment, Mirinda is watching the news, amused that there is not a single mention of Mocha Cola, her competitor, whose shirt was worn by Massacre during the massacre. ( That just sounds weird) Just as she proceeds to turn off the TV, her lights go out, and Spider-Man appears on her TV telling her that he knows she paid Massacre and tells her to tell the authorities what she did, or else, he will deal with her himself!


In this issue, Spider-Man has for teh first time crossed the line and murdered a person in cold blood. No doubt, it is not Peter Parker as Spider-Man, nonetheless, no one knows this, and it will forever go down in history in the minds of New Yorkers.

I imagine that the Avengers, FF, and Mary Jane would probably have a lot to say about this. It is likely that this event is going to be all over the news, especially since Mayor Jameson was extremely supportive of Spider-Man killing Massacre.

By now, close friends like MJ should know that something is up with the new Spider-Man ( I hope)

We also see that Spider-Ock has changed the meaning to " With Great Power comes Great Responsibility" With his new ability to see everything in the city, it looks like Spider-Ock has taken it on himself to be a Batman/Punisher version of Spider-Man.

Avenging Spider-Man #16

Posted by Spiderfan001

The new Spider-Man has his first encounter with the X-Men!

The Story

The Superior Spider-Man comes across a giant spider attacking New York City.  Although he finds it odd that the giant spider possesses human eyes, he decides he has to eliminate it to save the city.  However, before he can act, the X-Men arrive on the scene, effectively pushing Spidey to the side.  While the rest of the X-Men try to contain the spider, Beast determines that the spider has three different strands of DNA; spider, human and mutant.

The X-Men don't have much luck with the spider, prompting Spider-Man to take matters into his own hands.  Spidey brutally hits the spider's head and orders Storm to change the air pressure.  The X-Men are shocked at Spider-Man's newfound brutality, particularly Wolverine, who attempts to confront him.  Spidey however, is in no mood to be lectured, and puts Wolverine down hard.  The spider than collapses thanks to Spider-Man's actions, transforming into a human, who, according to Rachel Grey, is a blank slate.


Wolverine than ambushes Spidey from behind and asks Rachel to read his mind.  Otto is able to get out of this situation by acting like Peter would, asking Rachel to respect his privacy and asking them all if they honestly haven't thought of beating up Wolverine before.  As the X-Men leave, Spidey realizes that the girl's mind was a blank slate because she was a clone, and that he can think of one person who was responsible for her creation...

Meanwhile, the Jackal sits in Mr. Sinister's hideout, eager to perform another experiment using Sinister's cache of mutant DNA!


While the various writers who have worked on Avenging Spider-Man in the past did a commendable job of making the title fun and fresh month in and month out, the fact is that we had already seen Peter Parker team up with all the Marvel heroes at some point in his expansive career.  Having Otto Octavius take over the mantle of Spider-Man has really reinvigorated this book, as Otto has rarely interacted substantially with any characters outside of the Spider-Man family. 

Chris Yost has a great handle on Otto's voice, and it's a lot of fun reading Otto's condescending views towards his superheroic colleagues.  It's like if Dr. House were Spider-Man.  Yost also clearly has long term plans for the series, with the inclusion of the Jackal at the end promising a future showdown with Doc Ock that I'm already excited for.  Complementing Yost's story is Paco Medina's beautiful artwork.  Medina's artwork is clear and dynamic, with his handling of the Spider-Man Wolverine confrontation being the highlight of the issue.  The flabbergasted look on Wolverine's face as Spidey beats him up is priceless. 

Avenging Spider-Man offers a fresh spin on the typical Marvel team up formula, and is a title that every Spidey fan who is interested in the status quo change should check out.          


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