A+X #4

Posted by Donovan McComish 01 February 2013

Spider-Man teams up with the Beast (Hey aren't they both Avengers?) as they are sent to a seemingly apocalyptic future...

Hello everybody & welcome to my review of A+X #4. Just to let you all know, this is a review of the Spider-Man/Beast story only.


Spider-Man & Beast materialize in a post-apocalyptic setting. Both appear to be fighting each other (Why? Nobody knows). They both notice a crowd of zombies which they then run from. They are saved by mutant cat people who are remarkably similar to Beast & taken to a settlement where there are more Beast-People who refer to Beast as "Origin Maker".
 They both meet the Queen (Talia) of the Beast-People, Talia takes Beast into her palace to speak in private, whilst Spider-Man is taken to an arena & forced to fight what the Beast-People have dubbed The Goliacat. Meanwhile, in the palace, Talia reveals it was she who brought Beast to the future & Spider-Man coming along was just an accident. She also states that Beast was apparently the cause of all this. Talia then attempts to seduce Beast, but he spurns her advances & demands to see where Spider-Man is. Upon seeing Spider-Man's current predicament, Beast demands that Talia release "Mr Spider" at once. When she refuses he jumps into the arena & aids Spider-Man in defeating the Goliacat. Disgusted at Beast's willingness to ally himself with a human, Talia sends the two of them back to their own time. Later, whilst getting ice-cream, Spider-Man wonders aloud what would make Beast create the future timeline...


It's obvious by this point that this story is more about Beast than it is about Spider-Man. Spidey's used for little more than comic relief in this issue, but it's nice to see Peter Parker once more & writer Kaare Andrews provides some good gags. Thankfully, the material involving Beast is great, it's facinating to see him in this situation. I found the start of the issue jarring though. Why were Spider-Man & Beast fighting? As a team-up issue, this is decent stuff. We get some funny, technobabble banter between Spider-Man & Beast, I especially like how Beast calls Spidey "Mr Spider". Lee Loughridge's crazy artwork fits the madness of this future world, especially during the fight against the Goliacat, or as Spidey called him, "Mr Mittens". Overall, a good story and a solid team-up...


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