Amazing Spider-Man #700 (Secondary Stories)

Posted by Spiderfan001 04 January 2013

With all the buzz and discussion around what happened in the main story of Amazing Spider-Man #700, it's easy to forget that the book had two other stories in it (it was $7.99 after all)!  So I thought I'd show a little love for them and write up a review!

The Story - "Spider-Dreams"

A 13 year old boy spends the night with his eccentric Great Grandpa Martin who claims to have once been the Amazing Spider-Man!

"Date Night"

Spider-Man is forced to delay his date with the Black Cat when a giant robot attacks New York City.  The Cat decides to help Spidey without him knowing it by getting the police off his back and winds up embarking on a small adventure of her own!


I really enjoyed both these stories.  I liked the journey J.M. DeMatteis takes us on with Spider-Dreams, where at the beginning of the story we think that poor Grandpa Martin is off his rocker before we slowly come to realize that he's actually Peter Parker.  The story gives us a look at what happens to many of us as we get older with a superhero twist; showing us the realizations we come to when starting families and the downside to living a long life.  It ends on a really nice note that is perfect for the final issue of Amazing Spider-Man, especially if you didn't like the way Dan Slott offed Peter in the main story.  It was also a nice touch to have old Peter look a lot like his Uncle Ben.

Date Night was a joy to read thanks to the brilliant artwork of Stephanie Buscema.  It was a cute tale filled with cameos by a bunch of Marvel characters who are all having "date nights" of their own.  We need Buscema on an ongoing where she can regularly draw these characters.

So, if you put down Amazing Spider-Man #700 after Doc Ock assumed the mantle of the Superior Spider-Man, I would highly recommend going back to check these stories out. 


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