Minimum Carnage: Venom #27

Posted by Spiderfan001 23 November 2012

Venom and Scarlet Spider continue their fight to save the Microverse!

The Story - Minimum Carnage Part 5: Family Bondage

Before she is taken to her holding cell, Katy Kiernan is informed by Marquis Radu that when he invades Earth he will use her to spread the message of his coming.

Venom and Carnage find themselves strapped to the Body Banks, with the machines cloning their symbiotes and forcing them onto comatose hosts, who all die as the symbiotes take their bodies.  Once the process is finished, Venom and Carnage are able to break out of the machine, and Carnage is delighted to find that he has an army of Venom/Carnage hybrid symbiotes at his command.  The hybrids obey Carnage because unlike Venom, Carnage's symbiote has not been sedated.

In their cell, Katy Kiernan reveals to the Enigma Force that she stole their cell key off the guard before she was brought in, allowing them all to escape.

Meanwhile, Venom struggles to fight both Carnage and his army.  Despite landing an impressive decapitating blow on the villain, Venom is still no match for Carnage.  Luckily, Venom is saved by Scarlet Spider and the Redeemer just as Carnage is about to finish him off.

The Enigma Force is able to fight through the hybrids to Marquis Radu, who finds he cannot control the hybrids.  Radu quickly escapes.

Venom and the Scarlet Spider continue to fight Carnage, but Venom quickly realizes that it is a losing battle.  He decides that if there's any chance at defeating the villain, he needs to let his symbiote loose.  Channeling a life time of bad memories, Venom lets out a scream that appears to dissolve all the hybrids as well as Carnage himself.  But before Carnage sinks into the ground, he tells Venom he is just getting warmed up.  The Redeemer states that Carnage is no longer in the Microverse.

Back on Earth, tiny hybrid symbiotes begin a murderous rampage in Houston, Texas...


Declan Shalvey really knows how to draw symbiote fight scenes.  His rough style and excellent storytelling ability make him a perfect fit for the title.  Flash's struggle to try and use his inner demons to his advantage made for a good read and led to some cool moments, such as Carnage's decapitation and Venom's scream at the end.

However, the story still suffers from the same problems as the previous chapters.  Marquis Radu failed to make a compelling villain, exemplified by his quick retreat this issue.  I can't say I care if I ever see this character again. 

Overall though, Minimum Carnage's main problem is that it fails to live up to the high standard set by Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain's previous two Carnage miniseries'.  While Cullen Bunn and Chris Yost have a good handle on Carnage's voice, they lack the ability to delve into his twisted psyche the way Wells can.  Also, Minimum Carnage's bizarre sci fi plot doesn't have the same level of creepiness or intrigue that other recent Carnage stories have had.

Venom #27 is packed with cool moments and beautifully drawn action scenes, but the Microverse aspect of the plot fails to engage.  Fortunately, it looks like the conflict with Carnage will be heading back to Earth for the finale.    

Amazing Spider-Man 698 review

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Kicking straight into the review, the first panel shows a great number of prison guards in the Raft ( the prison for Spider-Man's bad guys) rushing at the sound of a Alarm. They arrive at Doctor Octopus' s cell to find out that Dr Ock had moved (which he hadn't been doing) and was trying to say something. We find out that Dr Octopus is calling for Peter Parker.

The scene then switches to our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, feeling really positive about his day. He swings about enjoying himself when he hears a cry for help. After knocking out the bad guy, Spidey swings to his apartment. He recalls everything he has done recently, and thinks to himself how great his life is.

Peter listens to his messages after reaching the apartment. He has one from Mary Jane reminding him he's supposed to head to the club tonight, another from Jay, reminding him to come visit Aunt May at the hospital, and another from Max, reminding him about work! As he listens to each one, he thinks back on his memories with each person. (sort of)

Peter heads to Horizon Labs, where Max wants some reassurance that Peter will be able to come up with a new invention by the end of the quarter. Max is told to rest assured and Peter continues doing his thing.

That night, Peter goes to MJ's club and tells her that he wants to get together with her again. Mary Jane is somewhat shocked and tells him they will talk about it later.

She then insists they go visit Aunt May at the hospital. Peter goes with MJ t the hospital but doesn't stay for too long as his Avenger's ID starts buzzing.
MJ makes an excuse for Peter which Jay doesn't seem to accept.

Changing into Spider-Man, Peter goes to the Avengers tower where Captain America tells him that Dr Octopus wants some last words with him.

Spider-Man goes into the room to speak with Dr Octopus alone. All Dr Octopus can say are the words "Peter Parker." Spidey takes off his mask assuring Dr Ock that he is Peter Parker. At this however, a teary eyed Dr Octopus says his last words. " No...I'm Peter Parker"

And here is the part we've all been waiting for. Spider-Man then reveals he is the real Dr Octopus, who from now on will be assuming the identity of Peter Parker, with all Peter's memories, while the real Peter Parker will remain trapped, left to die in Dr Ock's body, with no one ever knowing what had happened. ( A really sad death if you ask me)

There is much to be said about this issue. First of all, if you managed to keep yourself free from any spoilage of this issue on the internet, it would be almost impossible to foresee what took place.

The way the story is written makes it seem like Peter/Spider-Man is just having another day enjoying his life, which he does from time to time. About midway it starts to get a little strange as we see Peter rushing his relationship with MJ, flirting with some ladies (sort of), not caring too much about Aunt May, and absolutely ignoring Jameson Sr.

So the big question on everyone's mind is, How did this happen? and Will this status quo stick?

Lots of people on the boards are saying that this will only be temporary and that the Superior Spider-Man will only be another story line until Peter comes back.

While that might be true, we have to remember that, Dr Octopus may not be the actual Superior Spider-Man. I have a gut feeling that Peter and Dr Ock are somehow going to end up sharing the same body, thus somehow creating a new personality all together, resulting in a "Superior Spider-Man."

Also, do note that Peter is not the only person in that cell who is trapped in another body. We also have Dr Connors, who is trapped in the Lizards body. Who knows, there just might be a link there to Peter's return. I also get the feeling that the Jackal might have a part to play soon enough. ( Or I could be absolutely wrong about everything, which seems to happen pretty often.)

Now how about that gold Octobot that was running around? Any clues? I first thought that maybe it had stuck itself to Peter, somehow transferring consciousness the other way around. I'm not so sure that's what happened though.

Will we be stuck with a Dr Octopus version of Spider-Man forever? I seriously doubt it, but it is pretty possible for Dr Ock to honestly turn good. After all, he does have all of Peter's memories, which is what makes Peter who he is no?

Let's just hope MJ can spot the difference soon...


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