New Avengers V.2 # 29-30

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 06 October 2012

The first  page of NA #30 says to read it after AvX #11 so, I'll summarize it here. If you don't want any spoilers you can skip to the review.

 Cyclops and Emma are the only ones of the Phoenix Five remaining, Cyclops absorbs  her portion of the Phoenix, kills Xavier and turns into the Dark Phoenix.

New Avengers # 29

The issue starts with a World War II flashback. Captain America, Namor and the original Human Torch along with a few more people are fighting the Red Skull. Cap A. is  knocked to the ground, Namor comes to his defense.

In present day, Cap A. has called an Illumaniti meeting hoping that Namor will come. All the members except Namor arrive and talk about the recent events, that is the war between the Avengers and the X-Men. Xavier admits to knowing the rest of the men in the room secretly blame him. He says that he is ready to stop Cyclops and leaves. Mr Fantastic doesn’t view the Phoenix Five as a threat. He believes that that they are changing the world for the better and he is ready to embrace the future. When everyone leaves except Cap A., Namor arrives and says that he is glad that the meeting  is not a trap. Cap A. asks him to stop the war as it will not end well but Namor believes that they are changing things for the better. And he says that because they are brothers he is letting Cap live.

New Avengers #30

Some of the New Avengers are are transporting a captured Emma Frost through San Francisco. Luke Cage asks Daredevil how he likes begin an Avengers. He talks about how everything changes as you get a baby. They are suddenly attacked by Purifiers, a mutant-hating group. The heroes battle the villains. Emma tries to escape but Daredevils stops her. After the fight is over, the cops, Iron Man and Thor arrive. Cage phones Jessica Jones and tells her that he's coming home. Iron Man asks what's going on to which Daredevil replies that Cage has quit the Avengers.


Mike Deodato's art shines through the pages. Whether it is action scenes or montage sequences, he manages excel. 

Issue 29 was a  great one shot story. I'm glad Namor showed up. He seemed to have retained his respect for Captain America even when in his Phoenix state (which is really something, since he usually shows respect only to himself). 

Luke Cage leaving the group did not come as a surprise. Bendis has been building it up since Jessica Jones left the team. This just leaves us to wonder who the new team leader will be.


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