Amazing Spider-Man 689

Posted by bulletproofsponge 07 July 2012

After reading this issue, I'm starting to get the feeling that this might be a pretty good story after all. The Lizard, is really using his brains here, and Spider-Man is left absolutely clueless to what is really going on.

The Story
In Amazing Spider-Man 688, Spider-Man, with the help of Morbius manages to transform The Lizard back to his human form. What neither of them realize is that there is no Dr Curt Conners in the Lizard anymore. In fact, all they have is a Lizard in a human body.

Using his human for to his advantage, the Lizard plays along with Spider-Man, Morbius, and Max from Horizon Labs. Being a crafty bastard, he begins to play on Morbius' weakness, talking about his blood, food, and the like.

Our Lizard friend soon manages to find some alone time in the lab to 'weep over his dead son.' He uses the opportunity to release some blood into the air vent, causing Morbius to lose control and attack Sajani ( an inventor from Horizon )

Realizing what he has done, Morbius apologizes and flies off. Furious, Spider-Man chases after Morbius. Just then, 'Dr Connors' comes out of the lab, saying he has to develop a cure to cure Morbius asap. Max offer his assistance, much to the disliking of our Doctor. 

Besides, the obvious fight that takes place between Spider-Man and Morbius, we have another scene involving Madame Web aka Julia Carpenter getting a vision among other small things. Doing what she does best, she proceeds to find Spider-Man. 

In the final scene, we see, Dr Connors, jab himself with a lizard serum, only to find his arm grow back. ( not what he was looking for ) Furious, he then jabs Max with the rest of the serum, turning Max into a Lizard!

Like I said at the start of the issue, this story looks like its gonna be great. I just watched The Amazing Spider-Man movie, and honestly, this Lizard story is just what most reader's will be looking for after watching it. 

I also liked reading The Lizard's thoughts in Connors' body and watching him fool everyone around him. Brilliant really. 

What really made this issue interesting however, was Max turning into a Lizard. I never would have seen that coming. Of course I can never understand a thing when it comes to these formulas. I mean, the Lizard has one go at the formula and he can grow his arm back??? The real Dr. Connors spent his whole life trying that and it didn't work! How..? Well, I suppose we have Morbius to thanks for that. Now where was he the rest of Connors' life? Oh well... comics. 


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