New Avengers V.2 # 21- 22 review

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 22 April 2012

New Avengers # 21

This issue starts with the protesters still gathered in front of the Avengers Mansion. Jessica Jones comes out with her baby and Squirrel Girl and tries to talk to the angry mob. She's then attacked by the mob. An angry Squirrel Girl calls in a horde of squirrels to help them escape.

Meanwhile, a battle erupts between the Avengers and Ragnarok. Most of the heroes fight while Spider-man spins webs between buildings to save his teammates from falling. He then tosses Iron Fist at the fake Thor. Iron Fist knocks him out.
The Dark Avengers want to finish off the real Avengers. Osborn explains that they look like heroes after being unjustly attacked while hunting down and killing them will make the real ones look like martyrs. The New Avengers fly off in their jet, after dropping a beaten Ragnarok at the feet of a smiling Osborn. When they reach New York, they find the mansion being seized by the federal government.

New Avengers # 22

The Avengers are wanted for questioning by the government. Cage demands that the authorities let him pass as he owns the mansion. A soldier fires at Cage that sends him flying. Dr Strange teleports them to his Sanctum Sanctorium. Wong informs Cage that his wife left with their daughter. Cage leaves to find his family.

Victoria Hand watches the riot on television and tries to flee her apartment but is stopped by the New Avengers. She is then tossed out of the window and she falls to her death. And is the last appearance of the treacherous liaison. Kidding! She is tossed out of her window but it turns out to be an illusion cast by Dr Strange. She reveals that she is a triple agent working for Captain America. The Avengers decides that Hand will call Osborn.

Osborn talks to Hand and tells her that the Dark Avengers will pick her up. The Dark Avengers receive orders to pick Hand from Manhattan, where they will also find the New Avengers hiding. Gorgon, earlier showed by Madame Hydra a captured Captain America, shares this info with his teammates. This causes Skaar to cry out "Avengers Assemble".


Firstly, no matter how angry you are, how can you throw a bottle at a woman holding a baby? I hope the people come to their senses soon. Spidey did a great job at helping his teammates. Hand's revelation of her allegiance wasn't surprising but Skaar betrayal was. The question as to why would the Son of Hulk work with Osborn is finally answered. And we also get to see how Gorgon's claws work.

As for the art, it's good, especially Will Conard's pages. His style is so similar to Deodato's that  I would not have been able to tell the difference had I not seen it in the X-Men issues.


Scarlet Spider #4

Posted by Jesse

The past is a tricky thing. Kaine's past is so dark and disturbed that it was bound to catch up to him, and sure enough his past comes knockin.
Apparently, nobody likes being told to "Go F themselves" especially if they think you owe them.

Once upon a time Kaine pissed off Belladonna, the leader of the assassins guild, so now he must finally pay the price... in blood. Belladonna's assassins are eager to please and that spells serious trouble for Kaine.

So Kaine has to deal with a space shifting mercenary who can materialize his own guns, a Zombie ninja, a creepy psycho kinetic pre teen girl, and a man in a skeleton suit with godlike speed and seven inch steel blades.( Ok maybe not 7 inches )

Kaine officially hands them all a beating to some degree,and comes up with a plan to end the assault.
He uses one of the assassin's cell phones to call up Belladonna, and makes her an ofer she can't refuse.
Kaine agrees to do 1 job for her as long as she calls off her dogs.
The intriguing part is, who will she choose as Kaine's target? Will it be someone he knows?

As for the other members of this story, Dr Meland and his cop boyfriend ( yes you read that right) Wally, break in on Mr. Mitchell and hold him at gunpoint (for his crime of putting a hit out on Dr. Meland),to which they eventually come to a mutual understanding and forgiveness is exchanged.( I call that a bit of an anti climax)

Meanwhile Annabella takes Aracelly out shopping upon Kaine's request, and she finds out not only can the girl speak English, but she can also speak many other languages.
Futhermore, Aracelly seems to have some sort of psychic link with Kaine, or at least a supernatural level of awareness, as she is able to discern that Kaine is fighting on a rooftop seemingly many miles away.
How could she possibly know this otherwise? Interesting...

Now I doubt we've seen the last of Mr. Terrance Mitchell, but perhaps thats just my wishful thinking that more of a plot was devloped.

Immediately I notice the pacing of this issue. it starts off in the thick of batlle and it rarely lets up.
Kaine is practically dodging bullets the whole time. I'm actually having fun here.
I'm loving the action and intensity of it all. Kaine can surely hold his own in any fight, regardless of the numbers being against him. It's crazy to think that he can do all of this bare handed
( and without scratching anyones face, thankfully) but he's actually using his enemies weapons against them very effectively. I dare say that your standard Spider-Man would not be so bold. As relentless as these killers are, Kaine is evey bit as aggressive, and manages to one up them every time.

Despite all this dynamic action and bravado, we still dont get much of any story development or background info regarding the supporting cast.

We are left wondering who this Aracelly girl really is, and why she was left for dead.
Why was the fire freak after her, and what role does dhe play in all this?
Perhaps Yost hasn't put together all the answers yet orthis is just a long running plan he wants to use to intriguie readers beyond the current situation.

Long running threads are important to comicbook narratives, but the balance becomes not keeping readers in the dark too long. Right now, Yost is dropping hints about Aracelly's past and goading the reader along just enough to maintain interest.

I also beleive that Kaine's guilt is going to be his biggest adversary. Will Kaine be able to reach deep down inside and find the emotional strength to quell his deomon's? , or
will the emotional & psychological toll, eventually paralyze Kaine?
It seems Yost is trying to imply this and I'm all for it. I enjoy the direction of his writing so far, but I hope he gets the ball rolling faster in his next effort.


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