New Avengers V.2 # 19-20

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 03 March 2012

Is anybody else wondering what is with Madame Hydra's new hat on the cover?

New Avengers #19

A day before the Ultimo attack, at HAMMER Headquarters, Madame Hydra tells Gorgon to join the Dark Avengers while the two of them wait for Osborn to fail. Later, Osborn is questioned about how things will be different with his new team. He explains that these new members are better than their predecessors and this time he even has a man on the inside.

Daredevil arrives at the Avengers Mansion and asks Squirrel Girl about his new teammates. Squirrel Girl tells him that they are on a mission.Back at Stark Resilient Satellite Laboratories the New Avengers recover form their fight with Ultimo. Iron Man claims that the robot came for him. On their way back to the mansion Jessica Jones confides in him that Osborn's threatened to kill their baby. At the mansion, Hand sends them to deal with a situation in Miami then reports it to an unknown associate. Jessica Jones doesn't go to watch over her kid.(Read New Avengers #16.1) Hand gives them wrong location and when they arrive at Miami, they are surprised to find Osborn and his team there.

New Avengers #20

Luke Cage declares Osborn under arrest. Osborn tells him that he does not have the authority. The New Avengers charge at the Osborn's team and the fight begins. Cage throws a punch at Osborn but the latter easily tosses Cage aside. We finally get to see what Dr. Covington's powers are. She incapacitates Dr. Strange with her poisonous breath but Daredevil knocks her out. Superia brings the Avenger's ship crashing down. Then, out of nowhere, a tidal wave comes crashing in over the city skyline. Osborn seems undeterred by the water.

The water turns out to be an illusion cast by Dr. Strange as a distraction. He teleports the Avengers away from Osborn. But they are not really out of Osborn's reach as a hammer-wielding cybernetic god shows up. Thoughts
First of all, why are the people protesting the Avengers after they just saved the world from the Serpent? And how can they be stupid enough to believe Osborn even after what happened to him during the siege of Asgard? Daredevil finally makes an appearance. It's good to see that he is suspicious of Hand too. I hope that her plot is soon resolved. I'd like to see her on the good side here. It would be too obvious if she turns out to be Osborn's inside man.

The action in issue # 20 was good and the fight scenes were well drawn. It's always great to see Spidey fight. The cliffhanger was great, particularly because I'd forgotten about the mighty Thor clone. I can hardly wait to read the next issue.


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