Venom...The Movie?

Posted by Jesse 12 February 2012

So by now you’ve probably heard the news, read the reports, and recycled the rumors about Sony pictures plans to produce a Venom based movie.
I’m not here to dish on who the new writer director will be or should be, but rather stop for a minute and explore the notion of green lighting such a film.

No doubt the buzz is getting a few folks stirred up and some fans excited but, is it really going to be all its cracked up to be? In other words will a Venom movie hit the spot or miss the mark?

I invite you to read ahead as I explore the various pitfalls and challenges of bringing Venom to life.

  1. Venom: The Movie ( Part 1)
  2. Venom: The Movie ( Part 2)
  3. Venom: The Movie ( Part 3)
  4. Venom: The Movie ( Part 4)
  5. Venom: The Movie ( Part 5)



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