Avenging Spider-Man #2 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001 17 December 2011

With Spidey and Red Hulk getting eaten last issue, it falls on none other than J. Jonah Jameson to save the moloids from enslavement... uh oh.

The Story

The moloids rescue Spider-Man and Red Hulk by getting the subterranean monster that ate them last issue to spit them out, but not before the toxins in its belly rendered them unconscious!

Meanwhile, J. Jonah Jameson confronts the leader of the molons, Ra'ktar, with his usual bluster.  When Jonah refuses to bow to Ra'ktar, he inadvertently challenges him to a duel for this throne.

Spidey wakes up to find himself and the Red Hulk being pulled from behind by the moloids.  Spidey realizes that the moloids need help and vows to help them, despite Red Hulk's protests.

As the molons equip J.J. with gladiator armour, the Mole Man reveals that when the molons conquered Subterranea, his moloids fled to the surface to find the rulers of the surface world for help, and subsequently brought back Jameson.  As Jameson is lined up to face Ra'ktar in combat, Red Hulk and Spidey arrive on the scene.  Red Hulk quickly engages Ra'ktar, who quickly defeats the Hulk and stabs him in the chest!


The artwork in Avenging Spider-Man looks amazing.  Joe Mad's pages are big and explosive, and the bright colour palette provided by Ferran Daniel compliments Mad's artwork beautifully.  Meanwhile, Zeb Wells delivers a fun plot and a ton of great exchanges between all the characters.  His Jameson in particular, is spot on and is worth the price of admission alone.  Avenging Spider-Man is a fun, expertly done superhero comic; a great choice for young and old fans alike! 

Moon Knight #8 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001

Moon Knight continues to wage war with the kingpin of L.A. but is he in over his head?

The Story

Moon Knight drops off Snapdragon with former NYPD Detective Hall and gives him the evidence that proves the new kingpin of L.A. is Count Nefaria.

The next day while working on his TV series, Marc Spector's Captain America and Wolverine personalities urge him to take the fight to Nefaria before he has a chance to regroup.  That night, Echo walks in on Moon Knight preparing to go out on patrol and meets Buck Lime, who took the liberty of outfitting Echo's staff with a sliver of vibranium.

Detective Hall shows the evidence Moon Knight gave him to his captain.  Reluctant to get into a situation involving superpowered beings, the captain insists on calling in the FBI, much to Hall's chagrin.  Despite the captain's orders, Hall decides to interview Snapdragon and manages to convince her to testify and tell him where Nefaria's hideout is.  When Hall tells the captain, he is still reluctant to get involved.

Moon Knight and Echo attack many of Nefaria's operations throughout L.A.  Stopping to catch their breath on a rooftop, Moon Knight kisses her (at Spider-Man's urging).  Nefaria then appears right behind them!


This issue marks the start of Brian Michael Bendis' second Moon Knight arc, and so far so good.  It looks like Bendis is going to form a relationship between Detective Hall and Moon Knight that is akin to Batman and Jim Gordon.  Hopefully Bendis will find a way to make their relationship more unique going forward.  I'm liking the romance between Moon Knight and Echo, who I think are my favourite comic book couple of 2011.

I should also mention that Moon Knight is one gorgeous book. Watching Moon Knight and Echo take down thugs was like poetry in motion; Alex Maleev is kicking ass on this book.    


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