Amazing Spider-Man movie poster

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 December 2011

Superhero Hype, has released what looks like the best Spider-Man teaser poster so far - in my opinion at least. What do you guys think?

A+ for creativity definitely!

The Amazing Spider-Man movie opens on July 3rd 2012, in 3D. 

Amazing Spider-Man 675

Posted by bulletproofsponge

Before I start, I have to get this out of my chest. In the very first page we see this line at the bottom of the daily Bugle.

I mean whaaaat??

Anyway, this story was okay overall. I'm not a big fan of this style of art, as mentioned in my last review. We do have a really good cover page though. Back to the review...

The Story
We start with Spider-Man and his 'sexy' ex- girlfriend (cough) sneaking into the morgue to examine the bodies of the "suicidal kids." Spider-Man shows off his new invention, a spider-light to help see in the dark. The two essentially discover that all the kids had an ultraviolet stamp from a nightclub. They also realize that the bodies have recently been exposed to magnetic fields. From here, Spider-Man draws the conclusion that Adrian Toomes must be behind it all.

Changing scenes, The one and only original Vulture (Toomes) has sent his little clan on a final mission - to steal a lot of gold coins.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man gets a call from MJ, informing him that some 'super bad types' with wings were causing some havoc at the club she was at. Spider-Man rushes there, realizing that the club must be Toomes base. He leaves Carlie on the roof of the building, but not before she finds out that MJ knows about his dual identity as well.

Spider-Man reaches the club just as the Vulture has removed flight abilities from Michael, the new kid who joined the Vultures crew in Amazing Spider-Man 674, for stealing two gold coins. Spider-Man saves the kid in the nick of time and starts fighting the rest of the mini vultures.

Coming back to Carlie, she stubbornly gets a cab to the nightclub and appears at the scene as Spider-Man is busy fighting. She gets out of the cab to tell Spider-Man everything he already knew and has a water tank thrown at her by the Vulture.

Okay, fine, it didn't quite happen like that. Somewhere in that scene, Carlie advised Spider-Man to switch to magnetic webbing to cut off the flight abilities of the kids.

As Spidey put it, the kids were not the Vultures wingmen, but rather his kites, whose flight he was controlling the whole time. ( Thus the ability to realize that Michael was carrying two extra gold coins.)

So, Carlie doesn't get his by the water tank (damn), since Spider-Man saves her. When he turns around, the Vulture is gone. The story ends with Carlie paying MJ a visit, wishing to talk about Peter.

First things first - Why does Spider-Man need Magnetic webbing? So he can stick to metal stuff? Don't think so. It's just a really convenient thing to have all of the sudden really. In my opinion, Spidey might as well invent a flying suit and become Iron Man now. The only gripe I have about Peter's new job is that it makes him invincible. He really should become Iron Man now.

Secondly, we all saw the Carlie/ MJ chat coming. As I read the last scene, my first impression was that the writers were setting up an option for Carlie to get back with Peter, possibly after listening to all the MJ has to say about him. Then again, this was only my first impression. It could really go anywhere, and I'm looking forward to see where this goes.

Finally, about the art, I just can't get over Peter Parker looking like this:

Come on! With his mask on though, Spidey is drawn really well! Get the issue and check it out yourself.


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