Cloak and Dagger 3

Posted by Jesse 10 November 2011

Story: The whole city has a black out ( probably due to the events of Spider Island ,but that has absolutely no significance to the plot. )

Meanwhile,Ty begs Mr Negative to allow him to save Tandy,which Mr Negative agrees to after scolding Ty. Tandy floats above them while spouting out strange prophecies and leaking darkness from her body. ( as odd as that may sound it’s exactly as I said.)

Then Mr Negative uses his negative effect on Ty, causing him to become an entity of light,.and allows him to kiss or“feed” Tandy his light energy thus saving her from death.

Their powers connect, and the result is a massive energy burst; a tornado of destructive force which demolishes the city. Afterwards, Ty and Tandy have a chat about what just happened and are thankful to still have each other even though they are still homeless.

Later, Mr. N is having a discussion with his new employee ( some no name woman we’ve never seen), when she asks him why he didn’t kill Cloak & Dagger he responds vaguely. Apparently he feels he cannot escape his fate, but the narration hints that he’s about to make a deal with the devil ( not Mephisto ) . The final page is basically an artistic preview of …some kind of follow up to this mess? Most likely.

Thoughts: This is most definitely the weirdest strangest book I have ever seen or read or experienced.. Just what the EXPLITIVE is going on here? A person such as I can only give their best guess which sometimes is extremely hard to even formulate let alone desire to rationalize the plot. The writing is extremely vague, full of riddles and all too brief to really convey much of anything. The artwork makes matters much worse with so many smears, visual puzzles, and completely abstract and awkward looking strokes everywhere.

Perhaps I get it now. This is what Cloak & Dagger is, this is the style and flavor of their stories: bizarre and full of mystical wizardry. This is a serious head trip and a very disillusioning experience. Cloak & dagger seems to take the often adopted concept of dark and light being spiritual, symbolical, and metaphorical, way too literally.

One of the biggest mysteries of this series, happens to be Mr. Negative’s intentions, which really seems to escape any logical prediction right now. It will probably take a long time before any one will realize why he “Negatized” Cloak & Dagger, so it’s all just very loose speculation at this point, but I can tell you that I am truly not a fan this character or story.

Was this 3 part story just a prelude to something more meaningful? I surely hope so, otherwise it seems like it came and went like a bad acid trip. Certainly there is more to come, now that Ty and Tandy’s powers are reversed.

Final thoughts: I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up becoming the worst Spider-Man related series of the year. Please cancel this crap.


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