Spidey Speculation Scorcard for Spider-Island: Part 7

Posted by Mike McNulty, a.k.a. Stillanerd 29 October 2011

Well Spidey-fans, Amazing Spider-Man #672, the big ol’ finale of “Spider-Island” and the final showdown between Spidey and his allies against the seemingly unstoppable Queen and her followers of humans-turned-big and hairy spiders has taken place at last. And what a showdown it was! But we’re really here to talk about whether some of my predictions came to pass, and whether I can make myself not look like a fool doing it (too late). So, let’s get started.


If the Queen achieving “God-like levels” last issue wasn’t enough to prove she was the one Julia Carpenter/Madame Webb II foresaw that Spider-Man would have to kill, her transforming into a giant 28-story half-woman/half-spider monster (seriously?) in this issue and in Venom #8 made this inevitable. And yes, a Spider-Man did kill the Queen, but not the Spider-Man. As it turns out, Julia’s prophecy actually referred to Kaine, Peter’s anti-heroic clone, all along. Considering how Kaine has already crossed the line in taking a life in the past, him being the one to sever the Queen’s life is the most logical outcome.

What’s intriguing is the way Kaine delivered the killing blow. Wearing Peter’s stealth suit (a.k.a. the Tron suit) from the first “Big Time” story to protect himself from the Queen’s sonic scream, and with the help of Ms. Marvel, Kaine produced a pair of retractable bone spears from his forearms to better torpedo himself through the Queen’s head--ones that looked exactly like the stingers Peter got during “The Other: Evolve or Die” storyline. This suggests that when Kaine died during “The Grim Hunt“, he went through a similar regeneration process Peter did during “The Other.” He even mentions to Peter in an earlier scene about him coming back to life with “weird new powers.” Stands to reason since that Kaine, genetically speaking, is Peter. Of course, this only further deepens something else that‘s still unexplained: why didn’t Kaine disintegrate like Ben Reilly did when he died?

Finally, considering how most of the other heroes in the Marvel Universe are now aware of his existence, Kaine’s role as the new Scarlet Spider is pretty much assured at this point. I also wonder if he’s going to keep the stealth suit and redo it to make it resemble what the new Scarlet Spider costume looks like? Seemed like it was rather appropriate for him to wear given his character.


Let me explain: Reed Richards hypothesizes that Mary Jane did in fact still contract the “Spider-Island” virus. Which means that, contrary to my rather zany theory from an earlier article, it appears MJ didn’t get them as a result of what Dr. Strange did to erase Peter’s secret identity in "One Moment in Time." So if that's the case, why was she seemingly the last person to develop spider-powers, and why didn’t mutate into a giant spider-like everybody else? Well…

And suddenly the phrase “prolonged exposure” takes on a whole new meaning. Not to mention Peter’s thoughts about “Spidey Transmitted Diseases” and “sharing toothbrushes” in Amazing Spider-Man #667 was far closer to the mark than he realized--only it turned out to involve a different girl and with different results! At least it didn’t have nearly the harmful consequences compared to a similar scenario from Spider-Man: Reign. Still, if MJ did indeed build-up a resistance to the virus as a result of having constant whoopee with Peter, it does admittedly make sense, albeit in an absurd sort of way.

Speaking of Peter and MJ…


What’s more, they also go to the Empire State Building since that is the highest point for Peter to broadcast a means to cure the people of New York City. However, it doesn’t have anything to do with the spider-sense jammers as I previously theorized. Instead, Peter, remembering what Alistair Smythe said about Spider-Slayers, uses Doc Ock’s leftover octo-bots (the same ones from Amazing Spider-Man #600 and which we briefly saw were in police storage among the other confiscated super-villain gear back in Amazing Spider-Man #668) and mentally controls them via a helmet gizmo to inject the Anti-Venom cure into the infected, thus diminishing the Queen’s psychic control and weakening her in the process. This also made for an interesting parallel in that Peter, like the Queen, mentally controlled “eight-legged creatures” as a means of stopping her.

It’s also notable that MJ was not only instrumental in aiding Peter, but there may be some indications they might end up getting back together in the near future. After all, MJ saves Peter twice (first after he gets swatted by the Queen and then in protecting him from other spider-creatures while he controls the octo-bots); she reminds him he‘s special because of who he is, not because of his Spider-powers; it’s her idea to go to the Empire State Building--their “special place” no less--for Spidey to broadcast is signal to the octo-bots; she even tells Peter she loves him, even though he supposedly didn’t hear her in all the ruckus. And if that weren’t enough, there's the final scene:

Oh sure…there isn’t any teasing of a future rekindled romance between them whatsoever, is there?

But seriously, even if Peter and MJ don’t become a couple again right away, this issue certainly gives the impression that things are moving in that direction. Considering how both Peter and MJ felt unimportant and under-appreciated throughout the “Spider-Island,” it’s actually fitting they would not only be key in saving the world but also being together as they are at the end. And I can’t help but notice how Peter seems to have completely forgotten all about Carlie Cooper. You know, his actual girlfriend? Looks like Peter is about to get dumped.


So let’s tally up the score. First, a point for Peter and MJ teaming up to save the day, and while they did go to the Empire State Building as part of the plan to administer the cure en masse, it’s only a half-point since I didn’t predict the exact method Peter would use. Also, while I could give myself a point for guessing that Peter had something to do with MJ’s powers, I didn’t see it being so intimate a level and he certainly wasn‘t the cause. So, in fairness, I’ll take a point away. Another point is given for Kaine being the one to kill the Queen, another for her actually being killed-off, and one more for him and Spidey teaming up against the Queen as well, however brief that team-up actually was. However, I’ll also take one away for thinking that Kaine would kill the Queen out of revenge for her killing the Jackal when that wasn’t the case at all. That should bring the current total to:


But we’re not quite done with “Spider-Island” just yet. We still have an “Epilogue” issue for next time to get through. Which means there’s even more chances to see if I was right or wrong about some of my outlandish guesses. Until next time.

Well said, Kaine! (But then again, I’m not really one to talk, aren‘t I?)

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