Spidey Speculation Scorecard for Spider-Island: Part 6

Posted by Mike McNulty, a.k.a. Stillanerd 17 October 2011

When we last left "Spider-Island," Peter's girlfriend, Carlie Cooper, got a makeover as a giant spider along with virtually the rest of New York City. Reed Richards and the folks at Horizon Labs appeared to have found a potential cure in Anti-Venom. A mutated Mayor J. Jonah Jameson apparently decided to make Alistair Smythe, the Spider-Slayer, into a late afternoon snack. And my score was barely in the plus range. So naturally, when the latest part of the crossover in Amazing Spider-Man #671 came out, more crazy stuff happened, particularly on what did and didn't come to pass. Let's get into it, shall we?


Sure enough, as part of his “ultimate sacrifice,” Eddie Brock has allowed himself to be completely purged of the Anti-Venom symbiote to create a cure for the “Spider-Island virus” (and just when I was already used to Brock being back to being “lethal protector” with an inverted color scheme, too!). Given that it’s been reported that he’ll act as a mentor for Flash over in the Venom series, having Brock be powerless may puts him into a position of trying to resist the temptation to take the Venom symbiote back. It’s like he’ll be like a recovering alcoholic tending a bar.

Also, as mentioned in my last article, I assumed that there was going to be more to the cure, that maybe it wasn’t a full-proof cure, or that there needed to be a way to mass-inoculate the city. Well, when it comes to whether or not it’s 100% affective, it seems so, as it not only we see it completely cure Horizon Lab scientist, Salani Jafferi, and learn about Captain America being cured from his “Spider-King” form, but also one other important character gets cured that could lead to serious some repercussions. I am, of course, talking about Kaine.


There were a few earlier assumptions I made in my first series of predictions about this upcoming battle which were really off. One was that Kaine would be the life Julia foretold Peter would take, and another was that he would still be in his “Tarantula” form after “Spider-Island” was over. However, both of those assumptions were wrong in two ways. Given all the announcements about the return of the Scarlet Spider--including the more recent one about his new ongoing series--it seemed very much like all the evidence for the one to take up that mantle would be Kaine, which meant not only would he have to live, but he’d also have to be cured of his “Tarantula” mutation.

And that’s exactly what happened to him, courtesy of Spidey managing to toss him into a pool containing all of Brock’s siphoned-off Anti-Venom goop. And not only has Kaine’s mutation been cured, but it also appears it cured him of his clone degeneration, as he no longer has any of his characteristic scars (although how he still has his spider-powers though, who knows? Guess it’s just SCIENCE!) This pretty much all but makes Kaine the new Scarlet Spider a fiat accompli.


As it turns out, the mysterious and reclusive member of the “Lucky 7” of Horizon Labs was none other than…Morbius, the Living Vampire!

I have to congratulate Dan Slott on this one, because out of all the possible candidates for “Number 6,” this one-time Spider-Man villain turned anti-hero never even crossed my mind. And yet in hindsight, it brilliantly simple. Michael Morbius is not only a Nobel-Prize winning scientist, but also an expert in hematology, which accounts for Reed Richard’s earlier remark about “Number 6” being an expert in “Parker DNA.” Also, Moribus, racked by guilt over being a vampire and for the lives he’s taken, is very reclusive, so of course he’d want to keep his identity a secret. And, him working at Horizon allows him to have enough advanced scientific equipment at his disposal to try to find a cure for himself.

Naturally, if Peter would to ever find out about this, it puts him in a moral quandary. That’s because, by hiring Morbius, Max Modell has still hired and harbored a murderer--granted, one compelled to kill because of his need for human blood to survive, but a murderer just the same. And while Peter has allied himself with Morbius in the past and feels sympathy for him, his sense of responsibility would also compel him to bring Morbius in, potentially putting his current "dream job" at risk. It's definitely a development which promises future problems for Spidey.


One development that some speculated would happen in “Spider-Island” that I didn‘t actually make (in part because I didn’t think it would happen, at least not until a much, much later story) was that Peter would get his spider-sense back. Ironically enough, it was restored with the same spider-sense jammer that took it away in the first place, this time with Reed, Modell, and the other scientists at Horizon Labs essentially recalibrating the frequency or some such (also, it apparently was the jammers, not the ever-growing number of people with spider-powers, that were actually interfering with Julia Carpenter, a.k.a. Madame Webb II‘s, ability to see the future--not that it was actually useful for anyone to being with).

This actually makes sense in terms of the overall plot: by having his spider-sense taken away, Spidey was handicapped going into “Spider-Island” and thus making a difficult situation all the more so. Now that it’s restored, and in perfect synch with his newly acquired “Way of the Spider” kung-fu skills, it gives him a fighting chance against the upcoming final showdown with the Queen--whose powers have also been augmented to “god-like levels” thanks to that same mucking about to the jammers as well. Oops. Which brings me to…


It seems that Mayor J. Jonah Jameson didn’t actually kill Alistair Smythe, the Spider-Slayer, last issue after all, although he came pretty darn close. Instead, another villain appears to have been killed, and pretty definitively at that--The Jackal, courtesy of the Queen’s amplified sonic scream literally stripping the flesh from his bones. Then again, considering there are five additional clones of Miles Warren left, I suppose if one wanted to get technical, the Jackal is “mostly dead.”

One person who isn’t dead yet but who most likely will be is the Queen herself. After all, whenever a villain achieves “god mode” in a story, there’s no place to go but down. Which also means the Queen was very likely the life Julia foretold Spidey would take. However, I can see a potential twist here, in that it will be Kaine, not Peter, who will kill the Queen. After all, being Peter’s clone, Kaine is Peter on a genetic level and he has killed before in the past. And even though he may not have been fond of the Jackal, he is technically Kaine’s “father,” so he may kill the Queen out of revenge. Of course, his involvement means that next issue, he and Spidey will team-up to fight her, and hopefully, Mary Jane will also end up joining them in the fight somehow. At least so we can get more awesome scenes like this:


So with Eddie Brock being “Anti-Venom no more,” that will be one point in my favor. However, I’ll subtract a half-point in light of assuming the cure wouldn’t be 100% effective. Likewise, I’ll add a half-point for the fight between Spider-Man and Kaine due to the circumstances surrounding it being different that I imagined, but I’ll subtract a point based on my much, much earlier prediction of Kaine staying as “Tarantula.” Finally, one point will be taken away for incorrectly guessing the identity of “Number 6” yet again. That leaves me with a current total of:

Well, looks like I'm back in the negatives again. But with two more issues left, maybe things can turn around? Until next time.

Yes, Reed. Listen to the psychic! She's knows what she's do--

Um...never mind.

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New York Comic Con Announcements

Posted by Spiderfan001

Wondering what awaits Spidey and his world come 2012?  Many announcements were made in Spider-Man’s home city of New York this weekend that gave us a glimpse of what’s to come.  Here’s a handy list of the major announcements:

New York Destroyed
A lone teaser image shown at the New York Comic Con revealed that things aren’t getting any easier for Spider-Man or his city next year. 
First Spider Island, now this?  That's it!  I'm moving to Dayton!
Plus: Dan Slott said that Amazing Spider-Man #676 will focus solely on the Sinister Six, and expect the Lizard to make an appearance in 2012 just in time for the Amazing Spider-Man movie.

Avenging Spider-Man goes Digital

Marvel will be giving out a free code to download a digital copy of Avenging Spider-Man #1 to everyone who buys the print copy.  Depending on how many people actually download the book, Marvel might extend this offer to other titles.  Pretty nifty if you want to reread your comics without taking them out of the bag, though I still prefer paper. 

Don’t forget to check out our reviews for Avenging Spider-Man by our very own Combustible Pumpkins!  The first issue is due out in November.


Stephen Wacker promises that 2012 will be “huge for symbiotes” promising a big status quo change for Venom at the end of Spider Island as well as some crossover between Venom and Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain’s Carnage U.S.A.

Scarlet Spider Ongoing
Much has been written on this topic already; for details on the new series check out the article by bulletproofsponge.  Mister Mets shares his thoughts on how Marvel has been promoting the book here while Mike McNulty runs us through the list of candidates as to who the new Scarlet Spider might be.
Anyone else miss the hoodie?

Crossover with Daredevil
Amazing Spider-Man will be sharing a story with Mark Waid’s Daredevil in January.  Written by Waid and illustrated by Emma Rios and Kano, the story will run through Amazing Spider-Man #677 and Daredevil #7 and feature the return of the Black Cat.  Given Waid’s Brand New Day work and how awesome Daredevil has been as of late, I’m pretty excited about this.

And Finally...
Wacker stated that soon Amazing Spider-Man will have the tagline "World's Greatest Super Hero" similar to the Fantastic Four's "World's Greates Comics Magazine."  About time.



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