Amazing Spider-Man 670 review

Posted by bulletproofsponge 30 September 2011

While I have not read Venom # 7, or Spider-Woman's tie in to Spider-Island, I shall warn readers out there beforehand that this issue can contain spoilers for the above mentioned Spider-Island tie-ins.

The Story
The issue begins in Horizon Labs as preparation to launch the Spider-sense jammers is being made. News of the mutation entering the third stage ( Humans turning into giant spiders) is also getting out. In the Bugle, Randy and many others are also turning into spiders. Even Hawkeye from the Avengers begins to mutate.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man has just witnessed the Shocker, Carlie and many other citizens transform into Spiders. Naturally, he loses track of which one is Carlie.

The scene changes to The Queen. All the spiders appear to be gathering around her. In a completely unnecessary and unrealistic scene ( but useful to us readers), The Queen narrates her back story, even explaining how Steve Rogers was caught. We also learn that Spider-Island is taking place somewhere before Fear Itself since he is still in his old uniform.

I'll just post the scan here :

Venom has also done a great job of pretending to be the Spider-King aka Steve Rogers. Anti-Venom is also shown to be extremely busy, healing the infected, who are now willingly coming to him, seeing that they are morphing into actual spiders.

Over at Horizon Labs, the Mayor is starting to get pretty upset that there is still no cure. He stomps out of the building and is driven to find "the package." In the car, Jameson is attacked by spiders. Spider-Man comes to help him, but Jameson refuses to be helped. He then embraces his Spider powers and fights alongside Spidey.

Elsewhere, The Queen receives word that Anti-Venom is busy curing the infected. Venom ( as Spider-King) volunteers to kill him with intention of bringing him to Reed Richards to develop a cure.

To cut this short:

  •  Venom catches Anti-Venom and brings him to Reed ( read more in Venom # 7 I suppose)
  • Spider-Man and Jameson find the package who is none other than the Spider Slayer
  • The Queen begins controlling Jameson's thoughts leading him to kill the Spider-Slayer
  • MJ is finally seen with Spider powers

Overall a fairly good issue. Personally I preferred the issues before this. I was hoping to see a little more of Mary Jane in this issue as well seeing that she's been normal for several issues now. It's pretty clear that the story is coming to a close now. A workable cure is in sight, The Spider Slayer is dead, or dying ( absolutely no concern to me), and Spider-Man is back to being the only Spider-Man left, besides MJ that is. Come back to check out some of Mike's speculation on Spider-Island, after this review!


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