Spider Island: Cloak and Dagger # 2 of 3

Posted by Jesse 27 September 2011

Spider Island: Cloak and Dagger # 2 of 3
Last issue featured Martin Li aka Mr. Negative discovering his ultimate fate. This time he takes measures to seemingly entertain himself; which involves using the torture of our heroes, Cloak & Dagger, but what will be the result of this grave encounter?

The beginning sequence sets the tone for this issue, as being rather odd and eerily disturbing. Apparently Tandy (Dagger) is having some sort of hallucination in which she is shopping casually with Mr. Negative
close beside. The scene suggests a semi romantic relationship between them due to the way they endearingly refer to each other. Also a toddler in Tandy’s shopping cart implies the typical family shopping scenario. The scene becomes increasingly bizarre when Tandy picks up the disembodied head of Tyrone (Cloak) as if it were a piece of fruit for sale. She asks the clerk “how much are these?” as if she is completely disillusioned to the horror. Oh and the clerk just so happens to be in a Spider-Man costume.
The scene ultimately becomes a total nightmare with the toddler’s face rotting off in front of her. It’s so strange, you have to stop and ask yourself, what the he!! kinda drugs is she on?
Finally she wakes up and discovers that she’s chained to a chair in front of Mr. Negative.Flashback to 3 hours ago when Tandy and a friend are in what appears to be a dorm room going over notes from class, when her friend has a little disconfiguration, and self explodes into a nasty, hairy, giant spider.
(Did this title suddenly become a MAX print without anyone’s approval? ) Tandy proceeds to fight the creature until Mr. Negative and his helpers arrive. They all mange to kill the beasts ( not sure where the others came from), and nab Tandy using the old chloroform napkin trick.
Mr, N. has used mystic chains to subdue Tandy’s powers so that he may convince her to due his bidding.
He also introduces her to an unconscious Tyrone. Using his henchmen and Tandy as a hostage, Mr. N was previously able to make Tyrone submit after a brief melee. Now Tandy realizes she has no choice but to embrace the outstretched hand of her captor, otherwise he kills off her boyfriend, Tyrone.
Thus Tandy takes his hand and is instantly transformed by his negative powers, to become what he calls “Your true self”

Okay…Where do I begin with this crap? Just a total mess of horrible chaos and random psycho insanity.
From removed heads, threats of murder, kidnapping. bondage, dead bodies, flesh peeling off babies, this is just way to creepy and distasteful, and all of it for what purpose? A story about kidnapping? No. I just can’t understand what it’s all about, and I doubt most anyone else would, or even care for that matter. I’m not being cynical just for the sake of attention, this was in all degrees a BAD comic. Pointless? ,Yes disjointed? ,absolutely. Either Mr. N is using some really horrifying drugs or, Tandy has some serious mental illness problems, either way this was a complete disaster. The art was just splattered all over and stained like a junkyard sofa. Suffice to say, I hated this issue. So Tandy has now become “dark” was that the big payoff?
Gimme a break.


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