Amazing Spider-Man 668 review

Posted by bulletproofsponge 05 September 2011

Hopefully I'll be able to get this review out before Mike publishes his speculation on Spider-Island! Just to make this as quick as possible, I'll jump straight to the point

The Story

In the last issue (Amazing Spider-Man 667 ) We saw Shang-Chi jumping into the battle to protect his friend - the real Spider-Man, from being beaten to death by the Avengers. Shang-Chi tells the Avengers to stop attacking the real Spider-Man. Wolverine confirms Spidey's identity after sniffing him out.

To protect Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Reed both tell Spider-Man to stay out of the battle. Peter is next seen pretty depressed that he can't to anything to help. As he walks around aimlessly, he bumps into Norah, who is busy trying to get some video footage. She gets Peter to help her film a short video. Peter agrees and tells her to keep an eye out for Carlie.

Just then, MJ comes into the picture and gives Peter a little encouraging speech that prompts him to gather a few New Yorkers and help fight the rogue Spider-Men. MJ also pointed out that Carlie, who really wasn't all that far away, was busy playing her part as well. Anyway, Peter telecasts himself on TV, prompting those with Spider powers to come help.

Elsewhere, in the Jackal's lair, we see him filling the Spider-King with two thousand mutated spider embryos. See Venom # 6

With the help of Peter and his team of civilian heroes, the Avengers catch all the rogue Spider-Men and have them detained. The Mayor - Jameson, then gives a very charismatic speech, insisting the city will get out of this mess. Orders are given to block off all exits to the city to stop the spread of the virus.

We see MJ on the side, watching Peter and Carlie have fun web swinging, obviously wishing that she too had spider powers. After the action, Peter swings to work, only to learn that Reed had made a surprise visit to Horizon Labs. He, along with the mysterious scientist from Lab 6, were busy working on a cure for the Spider powers.

Elsewhere, we see the Anti-Venom, fully equipped with the antidote (himself), running around the city, disinfecting spider powered citizens. In a distance, we see Madame Web watching, stating to herself how Anti-Venom and Venom, will play a  major role in time to come. She also states that only one of them will survive.

In the next panel, we see Venom, preparing to take on Spider-King ( also in Venom # 6)

Coming back to Peter, we see that he was assigned a "special task" since he is accustomed to "designing tech" for Spider-Man. Peter is clearly disappointed that he is missing out on the real action. Instead, he is stuck in the basement of the police station where the superhuman evidence locker is kept. Apparently, Carlie had suggested to Max that Peter design tech, using all the old gadgets nabbed from crooks in the past to help aid Jameson's Anti Spider patrol team.

Down in the basement, Peter gives Carlie some web shooters, while advising her on how to keep her organic webs from going dry. In the midst of conversation, Carlie suggests that it might be the Jackal who is behind this nonsense. The two head to the Jackal's last known hideout. As they enter, a mysterious spider lady watches from the dark, preparing to pounce on them.

Compared to the last few issues, this issue was slightly dry in my opinion. There really wasn't too much that took place. Some of the highlights to me were:

  1. Madame Web talking to herself about how only one, either Venom, or Anti Venom, will survive the event
  2. Mary Jane, still being portrayed as Peter's emotional pillar. It was also pretty interesting that MJ seemed to wish she was infected as she watched Pete and Carlie swing off together. 
  3. Jameson, actually making some decisions that make sense to protect the city such as the quarantine 

Nothing else really seemed to matter here. I was also pretty "impressed" with Peter's inability to think of the Jackal before Carlie. Then again, I suppose we do need a use for Carlie somewhere in this issue.

Hopefully, in the next issue, we see more of Peter being Spider-Man ( not necessarily with the mask) getting a little more action. As he mentions in the issue himself, he has been allowing himself to be led by the nose into everything. I'd really like to see less of that, and more of the real deal next!


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