Spidey Specualation Scorecard for Spider-Island: Part 2

Posted by Mike McNulty, a.k.a. Stillanerd 15 August 2011

Not counting the prologue in Amazing Spider-Man #666, “Spider-Island” is now officially underway with last Wednesday’s part 1 of this year’s Spider-Man event with Amazing Spider-Man #667. And once again, it’s time to tally up my predictions over how I thought the story might go. Last time, I didn’t do so well, but will my odds improve this time? Let’s swing right in to find out.


Admittedly, this was a easy one to foresee, thanks to all the previews and teaser images Marvel released for the event. However, even though the Jackal reveals that his recruiting these various criminal types is to cause chaos--and identity theft--what he doesn’t reveal is where he got all these duplicate Spider-Man costumes? Not that the Jackal hasn’t done something like this before back during the “Maximum Clonage” story in the Clone Saga, but geez, if the Jackal tailor-made all these outfits himself, then he apart from being a mad scientist, is a one-man sweatshop. (Okay, I’m being tongue-in-check, but even so!)


Seriously, would J. Jonah Jameson NOT blame Spider-Man for a sudden outbreak of spider-powers infecting the citizens of New York City? After all, Jonah blames Spider-Man for practically all of ills of the modern world, and now that he’s in a position of power as the mayor of New York, the various city officials under his employee would have no choice but to believe him (or at leas kiss his posterior to keep their job) while he goes “See, I told you Spider-Man was a menace,” which is pretty much what happened.

However, while we readers we’re told to expect Jonah to quarantine New York as result of the infestation, I didn’t expect him to do so this soon. One’s things for sure, JJJ certainly doesn’t waste any time. Also, it’s still too early to determine whether or not the rest of New York thinks Spider-Man is behind the outbreak or if they’ll be too busy enjoying their newfound spider-powers to even care.

One consequence for Peter, though, is that not even the Avengers, the Future Foundation, Cloak and Dagger, the Young Allies, or even Mary Jane were able to recognize him from among the other spider-costume wearing criminals (although considering Wolverine was at the brawl in Bryant Park, wouldn’t he have been able to tell who the real Spidey was with his heightened sense of smell?). This, along with getting beat-up by his own allies, will no doubt serve as the catalyst for being able to forgo his costume and use his powers openly as Peter, all while claiming he’s one of the many infected without actually revealing to anyone, least of all his girlfriend Carlie, that he’s really Spider-Man. Speaking of which…


Much like Peter when he first gained his power, Carlie is relishing in her newly acquired abilities. Unlike Peter, however, Carlie is already fancying herself as a superhero, much to Peter's (and perhaps for some readers') annoyance. It also potentially sets-up Peter and Carlie working together as a spider-powered crime-fighting couple for the next two issues, which also makes for a nice symmetry for the eventual Peter and Mary Jane team-up in the last two parts of “Spider-Island.” However, whether Peter realizes it or not, I suspect the nails for the coffin of his relationship with Carlie have already been driven in.

In an ironic twist, Carlie, because she’s a fully trained police officer, is not only unwilling to give up her new powers out of a desire to use them for good, but also far more capable than the average person, in spite of the fact that, unbeknownst to her, she’s dating someone who has far more experience with using these powers and the dangers involved than she does. As Amazing Spider-Man #667 hints, both Peter and Carlie are going to be overprotective of one another, which is bound to cause a lot of strain for their relationship when they’ll decide to work together.

Also, as Peter observed, Carlie was willing to reveal to Peter about her spider-powers without hesitation while he’s still keeping secret from her that he’s really Spider-Man. There’s just no getting around the fact that Peter has dug himself a big hole with regards to his being honest with Carlie and it may bee close to being too late for him to reveal his secret to her now. At least, thanks to the outbreak, he can potentially reveal to Carlie he’s gained spider-powers too without also revealing he’s Spider-Man, but because Carlie was willing to trust Peter first, the damage has already been done, whether he likes it or not.

And in more news on the soap opera romance front…

Over in the Spider-Island: Deadly Foes ones-shot, not only did Randy Robertson defeat the Hobgoblin, but he also dumped his girlfriend and Daily Bugle reporter, Norah Winters, primarily because he’s sick and tired of her using him in order to film her news stories--even at the expense of his own safety. So then what does Norah do? Why she rushes into the arms of Phil Urich (who happens to be the Hobgoblin) of course, and thus the two of them become a couple--which is exactly what Phil wanted all along. Granted, Norah doesn’t know Phil is the Hobgoblin (much less stalking and manipulating her) but for someone who just broke-up with her boyfriend, she sure rebounded quick.

Not to mention it also puts my previous theory of Randy being the “long time supporting character” to make the “ultimate sacrifice” in Amazing Spider-Man #670 even further in doubt. Although, it certainly increases the odds of it being Mary Jane, along with a fake-out, which of course I had a crazy theory about the last time.


Adding to the -1 total I previously got, this time there's 1 point for the Jackal organizing a gang of Spider-Men and another point for them all wearing Spider-Man costumes. I could give myself another point for Spider-Man getting the blame for the infestation, but since we’ve only really seen that from Jonah, that will be ½ a point. Another point goes to Jonah putting a quarantine on New York City, but since happened earlier than I predicted, that’s a negative deduction, thus cancelling that point out. And while Randy survived his fight with the Hobgoblin, his dumping Norah and her going to Phil sooner than expected also cancels each other out. But, I’ll give myself another ½ a point for Phil being able to seduce Norah. That brings the current total to:


A lot of back and forth this round, and I imagine that next time will be even crazier as we get even further into the story with Amazing Spider-Man #668. Until then.

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