Amazing Spider-Man Movie images

Posted by bulletproofsponge 02 August 2011

With the new trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man movie released a while back, we now have a few Hi-res images leaked on the internet from the movie. Although we don't usually post every bit of new Spider-Man movie news out on here, (especially since I'm not quite as hyped about the reboot as I should), I figured that there's no harm in posting this since I do have some time on my hands. After all, this is a Spider-Man website isn't it?

Here we have a good look at the new costume to be work by Andrew Garfield in the new movie set for release mid next year.

See the trailer here. : The Amazing Spider-Man movie trailer 1

New Ultimate Spider-Man identity

Posted by bulletproofsponge

As many of us all know, Peter Parker from the Ultimate Universe has passed on. There's been much speculation over who the new Spider-Man will be. We have already had a teaser image of his new costume, which in my opinion is really cool.

Anyhow, our new Spider-Man's identity will be made public, to us readers, in Ultimate Fallout # 4 ( A series, we unfortunately are not reviewing yet ). Marvel let out the news to USA today, stating that the new Spider-Man - Miles Morales, will be of half black/ and half  Hispanic ethnicity.

See the full article here



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