Venom # 5

Posted by Jesse 31 July 2011

Venom # 5

We join a mission in progress, as our Black suited main man ( Venom ) meets up with scum villain of the week. After a short round up, the Spider( Venom ) catches his prey and rescues the innocent one.

After a job well done, Flash returns home and review his answering machine. Upon doing this, he hears of his father’s relapse into problem drinking. A very angry Flash storms out and swears not to get involved yet, reminisces about his father’s drunken violent abuse.

Flash meets up with a surprisingly cheerful Betty, she mentions its part due to having been rescued by Spidey ( no not in ASM 665, but rather last issue of Venom ). Flash apologizes to Betty for his absence and they begin to makeup until the moment is ruined by a phone call from Flash’s mom.

His mother begs him to help with his father, and Flash reluctantly agrees and cold heartedly leaves Betty to find his deadbeat dad.

Flash meets up with Peter, and lashes out at him when asked which bar his dad might be located at. He apologizes, but vehemently expresses his anger towards his dad’s abusive tendencies.

They find Mr. Thompson at the NYPD and Flash tries to escort him out, but gets a stiff fist for his effort. Flash resists the temptation to strike him back. Soon Mr. Thompson passes out, and the next scene has Flash and Mrs. Thompson at the hospital. The Dr. informs them that Mr. Thompson has a liver disease. As Mr. Thompson lays in the hospital bed and calls for his son, Flash decides not to answer and leaves. Betty greets him in the parking lot with a supportive hug but once again there moment is interrupted by the call of duty.


A more personalized story this time around, focusing on Flash’s ongoing relationship problems and bad habits. Plenty of drama and darkness make things a little hard to swallow. Flash has every reason to be angry, and depressed, but unfortunately he’s taking it out on others, like the ones who care about him. This series has angst and tragedy written all over it. Which makes me wonder, is Flash the object of his own undoing?

The venom parasite has always been associated with pain, and poison so in a way I feel like this is appropriate, and I’d like to see Flash overcome it, however inevitable it may seem.

Venom continues to be a stark contrast to the Spider-Man titles, where as Peter always seems to do the right thing, Flash often does not. It’s too early to tell for sure but doom seems like it’s just over the horizon. I’m trying to find what is unique and or pleasant about this character, also what will his journey represent and what type of man will he become? Hopefully the writer has a distinctive idea, that will be appropriately timed and revealed , but for now, I’m not convinced.

However, a big opportunity presents itself with next issue being part of the Spider Island arc.


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