Amazing Spider-Man 665

Posted by bulletproofsponge 16 July 2011

First off, I'd like to apologize for the really late review. I just haven't quite had the time to publish this. This issue was absolutely terrific and touching to an extent.We get to see a few important status changes in this issue as well.

The Story

 It starts with Peter recapping his relationship with Betty Brant. He describes his relationship with her as his best friend, big sister, and "girl Friday." Apparently, on the first Friday of every month, they catch a movie together.  Peter does mention however that their little date does not always work out due to his other life as Spider-Man.

The main story begins when Betty wants Peter to watch this new movie with her. Peter puts it off due to other commitments. Eventually, Betty gets tired of waiting for his as the movie will soon be out of the theater. Betty then asks Flash if he could take her for the movie. Unfortunately for her, he's pretty busy as well - being Venom.

Betty says that the movie is only playing in one cinema - The Imperial ( located at a really dodgy place) Although Flash told her not to go, she decides that she's able to take care of herself. After the movie, she gets pulled aside into an alley by some thug.

We next see Betty being rushed into the hospital. Peter hears the news, knowing fully well that Betty went there on her own to watch the movie. Peter changes into Spider-Man to hunt down the person who did this. Meanwhile, all of Betty's friends including Carlie, MJ, and Mayor Jameson are present at the hospital. Even Flash flies down ( he was on mission) to see her.

Pretty much everybody except Peter is present. No one, except for MJ knows exactly what he was up to. MJ gives some excuses for Peter, but Aunt May doesn't buy it. Meanwhile, Spider-Man has been busy beating every thug in town trying to track the guy who hurt Betty. In the midst of the action, we find out that Peter has developed some new camouflage Spidey tracers that do not require his Spider-sense.

Just as he is about to get the crook however, Aunt May rings him up, telling him to get to the hospital and stop whatever it is that he is doing. Aunt May states how she has never been more disappointed in him since Uncle Ben had passed. She recalls how Peter was not there for her when Uncle Ben died. Instead he went missing, and as far as she was concerned, ran away. Little does she know that he was really beating up the crook who killed his uncle.

Nonetheless, Peter finds himself in a difficult position and decides that he needs to be there for his friend. He then rushes back to the hospital. The next scene shows Peter beside Betty in the hospital as she wakes up. He states that he got lucky and she woke up when he was on shift.

Peter returns Betty's missing locket ( stolen by the thugs), and the two catch a movie there in the hospital. Meanwhile, MJ is pretty impressed that Peter finally turned off his "Spider-side" for one of his friends.

The next night, we see the thug who hurt Betty, being hunted by Spidey, and tied upside down to a lamp post for the cops.

Story 2: I'll never let you go
This story starts many years ago, when Aunt May first took Peter to live with her. Aunt May is talking to Anna - MJ's aunt, while Peter is playing alongside the road.

As the two are talking, Peter crawls on to the middle of the road. He is almost hit by a car, but is saved by Aunt May, who dashes across the road to save him.

Anyway, the main point of this little story here takes place in current time, when Aunt May and Jay announce that they will be leaving New York and will be moving to Boston. The reason being that, with all the action happening of late in New York, the two decided it would be safer for two old folks to simply move out of town.

A few days later ( I assume) Peter is busy helping Aunt May move her stuff out the home. MJ walks in and the two have a little chat. Peter shares with her all his memories involving Spider-Man, in that house. They later talk about the mind wipe, and Peter states that he doesn't trust it, and still plays it safe.

Peter and Aunt May later share some words and the two split ways.

Well, the first thought that came to mind after reading this was that this issue should really have been called Peter Parker and his friends. Obviously, the core story here is the strong relationship Peter's friends have with one another. There really isn't too much that is more beautiful than that.

My favorite scene in the issue would have to be Mayor Jameson storming in, furious that something had happened to Betty, demanding a fix. The death of his wife Marla had certainly changed a few things in him. Jameson, also refers to Betty as his daughter, something I didn't see coming.

I'm really glad they didn't kill Betty in this issue. As far as Aunt May moving out is concerned, this does not really bother me at all.

In the second story, as Peter shares his memories in the old house, I couldn't help but remember that this old house was burnt down and destroyed once already ( Pre-OMD)


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