New Avengers #11-12 Review

Posted by telekineticfrisbee 19 June 2011

I have returned with New Avengers #11-12 review. I love issue #11 cover. Sadly, the same cannot be said for the stories.

New Avengers #11

Mockingbird is taken to the hospital. Her condition seems critical. Dr. Strange teleports himself, Spider-Man and the Thing back to the HAMMER hideout where the agents are being arrested. Ms. Marvel is upset with the situation. Spider-Man suspects that they were set up by Victoria Hand (former right hand of Osborn).
Victoria Hand reports the mission to Steve Rogers. Hawkeye, who is also present there, rushes off to the hospital. She tells Rogers that if Mockingbird dies the team will blame her for the outcome.

In 1959, Fury and his Avengers are in Sweden where he informs them that the Red Skull has been establishing a new Riech there. He describes his team as a fighting battalion put together to take down Red Skull's new operation. Fury and his Avengers attack the hideout only to find out that the Red Skull has given them a slip. Fury calls his team to withdraw but they are stopped by Captain America.

New Avengers #12

Hawkeye watches from behind the observation window as doctors perform the surgery. He tells the others that he wants Superia apprehended or dead. The rest of the heroes go to a police precinct where a HAMMER agent (the girl in the truck) is being held. Cage pulls ranks on the officer and Wolvie goes to interrogate the agent. Meanwhile, Superia pays Victoria Hand a visit.

In the past, Fury sends half of his team off to find Red Skull while he and two others take down Captain America. Red Skull tries to escape with a briefcase but is caught by Fury's Avengers. Fury is shocked when he sees the contents of the briefcase. He asks Red Skull what did he do but the Nazi tells him to go to hell. Creed intervenes and beheads the Red Skull.


The only thing interesting was the last page of issue #12 with Hand and Superia.


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