Jessica Drew in Spider-Island

Posted by bulletproofsponge 10 June 2011

As if we didn't suspect this already, Spider-Woman aka Jessica Drew will also be getting a title in the Spider-Island event taking place.

“In SPIDER-ISLAND: SPIDER-WOMAN, Jessica Drew goes on a very important mission from Reed Richards that dates back to one of her very first adventures—with [The Thing], in fact, [from] the pages of MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE,” says writer Fred Van Lente. “And that leads her into a head-to-head confrontation with a revamped villain from Spider-Woman's own rogue's gallery, now in cahoots with The Jackal.”

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The Green Goblin, Human Torch and Iceman are all down for the count, leaving a wounded Spider-Man to fend off four supervillains. Nothing he can't handle right?
The Story

An unmasked Spider-Man confronts Electro, Sandman and Kraven the Hunter outside of the Parker house. Realizing that he's wounded, the three villains converge upon him. Thinking quickly, Spidey hits a nearby fire hydrant, which manages to temporarily short circuit Electro and electrocute Kraven, knocking him out. Spidey notices that the entire neighbourhood has come out to watch the fight. He is then attacked by Sandman and Vulture, the latter inflicting serious damage on Spidey with his grenades.

Aunt May and Gwen Stacy are driving out of town when May gets a call from one of her neighbours, who informs May of what is happening to Peter. She immediately turns the car around.

Sandman and Vulture have Spider-Man at their mercy, but before Sandman can finish him off he gets shot by Electro, who wants to finish Spidey off for himself. Before Electro can deliver the final blow, he is shot in the back by... Aunt May! Electro explodes and the discharge knocks out both Sandman and the Vulture. May and her nephew embrace, but their joy is short lived, as the Green Goblin descends upon them.


Well, it's official: Ultimate May is a bad ass. Classic Aunt May never wielded a handgun with such skill!
Anyway, this was another okay issue of the Death of Spider-Man. That we know Peter will likely not make it out of this story alive gave the fight scenes some extra weight, but I think we all knew he wasn't going to die at the hands of Electro.
The highlight of the issue was definitely the end, when May and Gwen come to Peter's rescue. We've watched the relationship between May, Gwen and Peter grow over the past 159 issues, so it's only appropriate that they be with Peter for what could be his final stand. And although I've never been a huge fan of the "Hulk-Goblin" look, one can't help but fear for the Parkers as the Goblin's giant, imposing figure stands over them. The Death of Spider-Man has had its problems, but the finale promises to be epic as well as emotional.

Fear Itself: Spider-Man #2 Review

Posted by Spiderfan001

It's gonna be a long night...
The Story

John Russell found a man rummaging through the alley of his house, and overtaken by the fear, thought that this man was sent by the bank to take away his house. John brings the man into his house and points his gun at him. Meanwhile, Karen Anderson managed to find a cab to take her to the NYU Medical Centre to have her baby. Unfortunately, her driver abandons her in the chaos. In Times Square, Norah Winters is out covering what is happening to the city for the Daily Bugle. She tells herself she is not afraid.

Spider-Man wakes up in an alley covered in rats and being attacked by Vermin. Spidey is nearly killed by the creature but is rescued by Robert Christansen (the jumper Spidey saved last issue) who is able to distract Vermin long enough for Spidey to put him down.
John shot the innocent man he had brought into his house. Norah is starting to get paranoid, thinking that everyone around her is part of Norman Osborn's goblin cult.

Spidey visits Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, who to his surprise has not been overcome by the fear. After receiving a "pep talk" from J.J., Spider-Man continues to do all he can to help people.

John, Karen and Norah all converge upon St. Mark's Church. Norah is the first to arrive, and after she has a brief conversation with the Priest, John walks in brandishing his gun. Spider-Man arrives and tries to talk John down, telling him that the man he shot is still alive. In the end, it is the Priest who successfully gets John to calm down and give up his weapon. Spidey and Norah walk outside the church, where they find Karen passed out on the steps. As Spider-Man swings Karen to the hospital, the Thing picks up the hammer that fell on Yancy Street...


The highlight of this issue for me was the Spider-Man/J.J. encounter. That Jonah was able to overcome fear by finding strength in his son's example speaks volumes about the strength of both characters, and I loved that Spider-Man was inspired by this to find strength in the example his Aunt has always set for him. Some great character work by Chris Yost here.

The church scene was also well done. This series has managed to explore the human element of Fear Itself in a way that the main series has neglected. That the Priest was the one who was able to get John to calm down speaks to the power that faith can have over fear. Showing people of different faiths all praying together was also a nice touch. On the other hand, Vermin's involvement added nothing to the story aside from giving Spidey an obligatory fight scene.

Fear Itself: Spider-Man is a solid tie-in book that takes a look at the events of Fear Itself from a street level perspective, which is really what a Spider-Man tie-in should do. Next issue promises to intersect directly with the main series as Spidey takes on a Serpent controlled Thing. Looking forward to it.


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