Posted by whiteshark 08 June 2011

The third issue of the first story arc of this new Marvel ongoing title keeps on developing.

Usually in a comic book story there are "Good guys against Bad Guys" This is a simple trait to see in the storiesIn this case,the good guys are the Future Foundation and the bad guys are four Reed Richards from Alternate Universes!

Four evil Reed Richards are on the loose in the 616 Marvel Universe because of Valeria Richards.

There are two perspectives to this story. There are the Four Reed Richards', developing a plan to sacrifice the 616 Marvel Universe, and the Future Foundation recruiting well known characters from the Fantastic Four stories (As Diablo,Mad Thinkerer and Wizard) to help against the Reed Richards from the alternate universes.

Intriguing plot I sayHickman is writing an interesting first story arc in this title that is building up quite well in this issueThe illustrations department in this title excels as wellSteve Epting is a well known reference as one of the best Marvel artistand the unique art style this title has shows that.

In the third issue, the only cons I find are the rather large cast of characters. A smaller cast of characters would make the stories more consistent.

Other than that, this continues to be one of the most interesting Marvel titles.


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