Amazing Spider-Man 660

Posted by bps 14 May 2011

Finally, we reach the last Spider-Man story featuring the FF - for now at least. This issue wraps up pretty nicely. In fact, you could go by not reading the last few issues in Amazing Spider-Man without missing out on much. Essentially two things that matter take place:

  1. The Sinister Six are back
  2. Carlie has a Spider-Man tattoo 
Forget all other speculation that was being made about Carlie and Peter breaking up due to lying to the other party, or trying to spite the other by getting a goblin tattoo. It is as if nothing had taken place over the last few issues. 

The Story
So we start with the FF taking on the Sinister Six. The Chameleon, who has no real power other than the knowledge of Kung fu, is able to land several hits on Spider-Man due to his lack of Spider sense.

The team later realizes that all, except for Mysterio and the Chameleon are nothing but robots. 
The rest of the real Sinister Six are busy sneaking into the Baxter Building. Dr Octopus, is leading the team, looking for the last piece he requires to finish his little evil project.

Back to the FF, due to the fighting and explosions, some completely unnecessary multiverse scene takes place.
  1. Susan becomes a human torch
  2. Ben Grim becomes stretchy
  3. Spider-Man ends up in Spider-Woman's costume
  4. Mr Fantastic becomes the Thing
Anyway, the team figure a way to fix themselves, but Mysterio and Chameleon escape. 

Peter goes home, lies to Carlie that he was on a business trip that only his boss knew about. Carlie shows him her Spider-Man tattoo and they both kiss and turn off the lights. 

What really gets to me the most in this issue is that Carlie suddenly changes her appearance again! She suddenly has really long hair, and actually doesn't look too dorky. - LAME

Story 2: Infested Part 2

In this short story, the Jackal is busy conducting experiment on regular civilians by  giving them Spider-Man's powers. The story focuses on a bully, who, not knowing his new strengths kills a classmate. 

Story 3: Spider-Man and Ghost Rider

Just to wrap up what has been happening - the servicer aka Hell's mechanic, came to claim Ghost Rider's bike because he was not doing his job. He later merged with the bike and is now on a mission to claim souls. 

In this story, the servicer is about to kill everyone in city with some sonic waves that have no real explanation except that they are spiritual. All, including Spidey is affected. Spider-Man tells Ghost rider that he has to fix it. He finally answers the Rider's question in part one. Spider-Man's answer is that he would not take it all back ( his powers) to have a normal life as he had saved to many. 

Ghost Rider agrees to continue to be who he was destined to be. I'm not sure if it was psychological, or that just saying he was the Ghost Rider again made him more powerful. Anyway, he manages to beat the Servicer and send him back to hell easily - thus saving the day. 

No real thoughts. The first and the third story wrapped up fine. Ghost Rider will begin is reboot next month in a new series and Spider-Man will be watching other civilians get his powers, including spider-sense. I'm actually hoping Spider-Man gets his Spider sense back in the next arc.  

Ps. this issue takes place before the FCBD issue, in which Spider-Man learns Kung fu. 


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