This free issue happens to be one of the better Spider-Man stories of late. For starters, this issue is perfect as it gives new readers a quick update on all that has been happening with Spider-Man, namely his new job, joining the Avengers and the FF as well as losing his Spider sense.

Something tells me that unless Spider-Man dies and is reborn for a second time, we aren't going to be seeing his Spider sense any more. Julia Carpenter, the second Spider-Woman and the new Madame Web plays a significant role here as does Spider-Woman ( Jessica Drew)

The Story.
It starts with Madame Web, seeing through the "Web," muttering to herself Spider-Man's history. She has also noticed that Spider-Man no longer possesses his Spider sense and is thus no longer has such "great" power, yet holds much responsibility.

In the issue, Spider-Man is getting his ass kicked by Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman is being mind controlled by the Mandrill - a big baboon who can mind control all women.

In a distance, the young and blind, but able to walk talk and move without any trouble, Madame Web, meets with the great Kung-Fu master- Shang-Chi. She knew this fight would take place and requested for Shang-Chi to watch the fight. Shang -Chi notices how Spider-Woman has excellent fighting form, while Spider-Man, without his Spider sense, is just fumbling around hoping to land some punches.

Spider-Man is clearly no match to Spider-Woman. Anyway, Spider-Man eventually manages to "wake" his friend cum enemy up by crashing into a shelf of perfume. Covered with the strong perfume smell, Mandrill's pheromones released on Spider-Woman loses its effect when she smells Spider-Man.

Mandrill is later caught and sent to prison. Shang-Chi, later approaches Spider-Man, indirectly offering to teach him Kung-Fu, seeing that he really sucked out there. A few weeks later, Spider-Man is pretty good at Kung-Fu. Shang-Chi states that he is half way done, and now needs to learn to use the Kung Fu with his Spider-Powers.

Elsewhere, Madame Web smiles as there is a glimmer of hope for Spider-Man. She also sees that all over the city, people are gaining Spider-powers, including Mary Jane. It is also implied that Anti-venom is going to die, and that Doc Ock, maybe the person whom no one knows about, that is working next to Peter in Horizon Labs.

I really enjoyed this issue. The art was perfect as was the story. It was a perfect build up for what is coming in issue 666. It really is a wonder why Spider-Man never bothered to learn Kung-Fu before. I'd imagine he would be unstoppable if he had Kung Fu abilities and his Spider-sense working for him.

Among the better scenes in this issue include this one scene where Spider-Man simply abuses his Avenger's membership, charging all damage expenses to Tony Stark, and even trying to get away with a free hot dog, simply by stating he's an Avenger.


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