Amazing Spider-Man: Free comic book day

Posted by bps 07 May 2011

Hey guys!
Don't forget to pick up your free comic book at the local comic shop. This issue will cater to new readers who know nothing about Spider-Man, and will update them as quick as possible on the latest events, allowing them to start reading Amazing Spider-Man without being lost.

Of course, there is always wikipedia, or this website to help you with that. :)

This issue will also set the stage for Spider-Man's biggest event this year - Spider Island. Also, for those who were wondering what had happened to the new Madam Web aka Julia carpenter, we will be seeing more of her here.

Judging from this preview, and some stuff mentioned in the last Amazing Spider-Man issue, something tells me Spidey is gonna start learning Kung Fu to make up for his lost Spider sense.

See full article with preview images here


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