Spider-girl # 6

Posted by bps 03 May 2011

It'd been a while since we've had a Spider-girl review. Issue Six features Spider-girl taking on the new Hobgoblin.

The Story
The issue starts with Anya (Spider-Girl), still very upset and angry at the Red Hulk for having killed her father, even though it was not deliberate. Anya hears a loud scream coming from her roommate, Rocky's room. She rushes in to find her roommate was just unleashing stress after watching videos of the new Hobgoblin, causing her to remember her mother's death at the hand of the Green Goblin.

The next day after school, Anya bumps into the Red Hulk, in human form. She unleashes some anger on him for coming to her school. He states that he went to her apartment, but there was a strange guy watching his every move. I mention this because I have a feeling it is going to be relevant in time to come.

Anyway, the Red Hulk shares some information he has with Anya. He then passes her some papers. The next scene shows Spider-girl at the Baxter building, headquarters to the FF. She gets an interview with Norah, who is being accompanied by Phil Urich aka the Hobgoblin. During the interview, Phil decides that he wants to get rid of Spider-girl.

Later Spider-girl is seen taking out some small time crook who cant seem to aim straight and misses his every shot at her. Unlike Spider-Man, Spider-girl has absolutely no super powers. It's really a wonder how she never gets shot.

She then checks her Twitter account and sees that several people on her followers lists ahve been tweeting about Hobgoblin creating some nuisance in town. Spider-Girl follows the trail of frightened people and flaming cars until she comes head to head with the Hobgoblin.

Keep in mind that this is the guy who almost killed Spider-Man. Spider-Man had to design a special suit to block out Hobgoblin's screams ( his power). Spider-girl however has an idea of sticking chewing gum in her ears, - not quite as effective, but it does the job, allowing her to place some kicks to his face.

Meanwhile. Spider-Man is swinging around town when he sees the news reports about Spider-girl fighting Hobgoblin. Fearing for her safety, he swings across to her as fast as he can. I was really glad they put this part into the issue. It would really make no sense for Spider-girl, an ordinary girl with no powers, to defeat Hobgoblin without any help.

The strange thing is, that after some fight scenes ahead, we find that Spider-Man came to Spider-girl's rescue, only to ruin her plan. ( She was really winning under the guise of losing ) Anyway, with Spider-Man in the scene, Hobgoblin then makes a run for it. I really doubt he would have run away if Spider-Man hadn't appeared, even if Spider-girl's plan worked perfectly. To find out her plan, read the issue yourself.

The issue ends with Spider-girl asking Spider-Man for some help with her next mission: finding her father's real killers.

Spider-girl, without her powers just continues to amaze me. Like I said earlier, if Spider-girl had taken down the Hobgoblin without Spider-Man appearing, this issue would have been too much for me.


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